Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 3

The Revenger

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 30, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Near the end, when Paladin wants an assurance that the remaining passengers will be allowed to go free, Solomon offers to swear on his mother's grave. Paladin looks up at the birds overhead, and tells him to swear on them. A few minutes later, there is another shot of the birds. Look carefully both times--the birds are flying upside down.

    • The torn half of a five-hundred-dollar bill is simply a "McGuffin" used to get Paladin on his way. It is never mentioned again during the episode. Presumably Paladin, once the incident with the bandits has passed and he reaches his destination, will learn more about it--but the audience will not.

  • Quotes

    • (Commander Newcombe has been relating the tale of a tiger hunt with a nearsighted maharajah to a polite but very bored Paladin)
      Newcombe: ...Well, uh, his gun wavered a little bit, like this, there seemed to be some doubt in his mind as to which one of us was the tiger. Haw! Eh. My dear fellow, tell me: what would you have done?
      Paladin: Shot the maharajah, of course.
      Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin. (To Newcombe) Excuse. (Paladin looks at a stagecoach ticket, half of a five hundred dollar bill, and his own card, with a note written on the back)
      Paladin: "Take the Yuma stage from San Ysidro. Other half of bill and further details at meeting." Who left this for me, Hey Boy?
      Hey Boy: I don't know. Seems he doesn't care about his own money.
      Paladin: Well, he has great confidence in its ability to persuade.
      Hey Boy: He's right, I think.
      Paladin: 'Course. Lay out my clothes. (To Newcombe) Excuse me.
      Newcombe: I say, old boy. You know, maharajahs are sort of, uh, foreign chaps. You don't pop them.

    • (Altman is looking at the book Paladin brought to read)
      Altman: The Brothers Kara...
      Paladin: ...mazov.
      Altman: Like the James boys and the Daltons, huh? Hah ha ha. Well, myself, I don't give any time over to readin' that, uh, penny dreadful stuff. Me, I'll stick with Josh Billy. Heh, heh. Seems like there was these two country boys comin' to the big city--
      Paladin: (Eyes on his book) Mr. Altman.
      Altman: Oh, uh. You heard it.
      Paladin: No, sir. But I don't think it'd sit very well with Dostoevsky.

    • (Sheriff Conlon shoots Miguel, and is promptly shot by Solomon. Solomon spins around to find Paladin standing quietly.)
      Solomon: My back was in your keeping, senor. Gracias.
      Paladin: De nada. You were doing a necessary thing; he was a very stupid man.
      Solomon: Such an exchange, nobody wins.
      Paladin: Nobody? Nobody wins but the buzzards, and the magpie.
      Solomon: Si. Always in the end it is them, uh?
      Paladin: For you, too, Solomon. And for me.
      Solomon: Aaiii, when I first see you, I have a smell for you. You and me, compadre, we have the same bad dreams.

    • Paladin: Solomon. (Offers him a cigar) Which one of the people on the stagecoach did it?
      Solomon: Gracias. Ah. Only Miguel knows. And he is no longer with us.
      Paladin: That's too bad. Too bad.
      Solomon: Eh, it's too bad. (Paladin lights his cigar) Now you will have to pick one for me.
      Paladin: I don't have the right to do that.
      Solomon: Aaiii, but if you do not, by the time this is finished, I will have to shoot everyone in the stagecoach. You too, I think. Aaiii, pick a bird for me to share with the buzzards. Miguel will not care now which one it is.

    • Solomon: Senor Paladin. The time is growing short. (Rips off a piece of the cigar and spits it out) My men wish to see it done. It would be a sad thing if they did not see it done. So you give me one, ah? We have no other choice, you and me.
      Paladin: One comes out, the others go free.
      Solomon: You would take the word of a bandido?
      Paladin: I'll take your word.
      Solomon: On the grave of my mother.
      Paladin: No. (Looks upward, at the buzzards circling overhead) On that. And what you and I know about bad dreams.
      Solomon: Si. On that.

    • Paladin: Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...
      Turner: You can't do that, you, you can't just pick somebody out!
      : Why not?
      Turner: Because it's not fair. If one of us is guilty, that's who it has to be.
      Paladin: Oh? And the, uh, innocent, Turner?
      Turner: Innocent? Go free.
      Paladin: An embezzler, convicted cutthroat, an adultress, and a murderer. Just where do you suggest I start looking for innocence?

    • Solomon: You, Senor Paladin? Must it be this way?
      Paladin: Solomon, you're asking me to judge them.
      Solomon: I only want you to pick one for me!
      Paladin: I can't do it, Solomon. I can't give you a life. You force me to choose, and I have to choose the one man over whom I do have the power of life and death.

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