Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 16

The Sanctuary

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 31, 1960 on CBS



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    • (Captain Zimmerman is walking along a row of chessboards)
      Zimmerman: My dear fellow, what kind of a move is that? You're absolutely hopeless!...Ah, such a lovely girl. But obviously it's been too easy for you to get by on your good looks. And you let your poor wits wander until they're useless to you...I take your bishop, my good man...Now, really. Your game is much too stupid! Here's your money back...Interesting, my dear. But naive. (The next man tips over his king, conceding the game) Is there nowhere in this intellectual wasteland of mine, that can present a challenge in so modest a way, as a little game of chess? (Suddenly stops and studies the final board closely)
      Paladin: Your queen, sir.
      Zimmerman: Hah? What?
      Paladin: Your queen is in jeopardy. Take your time, Captain Zimmerman. Take your time.

    • Paladin: Now, I don't know what you two are up to. But the right to journey freely is one that I prize highly. And I do mean to protect it.

    • Fr. Montalvo: You'll forgive me if I continue to sustain the body?
      Paladin: Of course. Though how any man can say that food is merely to sustain the body is beyond me.
      Fr. Montalvo: That's because you haven't had the food yet. Oh, Brother Thomas, we were just discussing the food that you and Brother Francis prepare so faithfully for us.
      Paladin: Thank you. (Takes a bite) Father, if orisons be the food of the spirit, pray on.

    • Paladin: He would be Vernon Good, then?
      Fr. Montalvo: Hmm. He rode in here two days ago, with them hard on his heels.
      Paladin: You granted him sanctuary?
      Fr. Montalvo: I did. Just as I would for you if you asked for it.
      Paladin: Well, right now all I'm asking for is a night's shelter.
      Fr. Montalvo: Right now. Perhaps, some other time?
      Paladin: Who can say?
      Fr. Montalvo: Then, sanctuary is something you may one day need.
      Paladin: Well, sanctuary is something that any man may need.
      Fr. Montalvo: Truly spoken. But you, perhaps more than anyone else.
      Paladin: You telling me? Or asking me?
      Fr. Montalvo: To tell would be to presume, and to ask would be to intrude. No, I, I was merely acquainting you with our...facility.
      Paladin: I stand acquainted. And just in case any arrant curiosity disturb your serenity.... (Hands over his card)

    • Fr. Montalvo: You see, when I say that I live by my faith, I say it without any reservations. When you say that you live by the sword, it is, by your own admission, only in part. Therefore, I just cannot accept your convictions as equal to mine.
      Paladin: Not even in quality?
      Fr. Montalvo: That would depend on what you mean by "in part". Now, I ask you again--which part?
      Paladin: That part of me which remains after what other poor resources I have have failed.
      Fr. Montalvo: Resources? What resources?
      Paladin: Agility, for one.
      Fr. Montalvo: If you parry your enemies as readily as you do your friends, you're, you're safe enough.
      Paladin: "Give me the avowed, the erect, the manly foe. Bold may I meet him, perhaps may turn his blow. But of all the plagues Heaven thy wrath can send, save, save, oh save me from the candid friend!"

    • Paladin: Father, this looks reasonably free from temptation.
      Fr. Montalvo: Clean, wholesome surroundings. Except, of course, for this. (Picks up Paladin's gun) It's a nice piece of work. Built to your own specifications.
      Paladin: Yes, it was, Father. And it, uh, has bullets in it.
      Fr. Montalvo: I always found that these create more problems than they solve.
      Paladin: Well, be that as it may, I think I'll keep mine with me. That way, I know that whatever problems it causes will be my own.

    • Fr. Montalvo: You see what a little faith will do, Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: Especially if it rides a fast horse.
      Fr. Montalvo: Well, sometimes it needs a fast horse, and sometimes it need only be put on the right man. You know, it's surprising, but, someone who lives partially by the sword, has been known to do God's work.
      Paladin: If I didn't know you for the timorous, retiring, unworldly man that you are, I might suspect that I had been used.
      Fr. Montalvo: I'm glad you know me so well.

    • Cordilene: Guilty as sin.
      Fr. Montalvo: Was he?
      Cordilene: Wasn't he?
      Paladin: We'll never know.
      Cordilene: Who shot him? I got a hundred dollars for the man that killed him. Now, who gets it? You or the padre? (Paladin knocks him down)
      Fr. Montalvo: I believe I would have struck him if you hadn't.
      Paladin: That's why I took the liberty. It rests a little more lightly on my conscience.

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