Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 16

The Sanctuary

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 31, 1960 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Fr. Montalvo: You see, when I say that I live by my faith, I say it without any reservations. When you say that you live by the sword, it is, by your own admission, only in part. Therefore, I just cannot accept your convictions as equal to mine.
      Paladin: Not even in quality?
      Fr. Montalvo: That would depend on what you mean by "in part". Now, I ask you again--which part?
      Paladin: That part of me which remains after what other poor resources I have have failed.
      Fr. Montalvo: Resources? What resources?
      Paladin: Agility, for one.
      Fr. Montalvo: If you parry your enemies as readily as you do your friends, you're, you're safe enough.
      Paladin: "Give me the avowed, the erect, the manly foe. Bold may I meet him, perhaps may turn his blow. But of all the plagues Heaven thy wrath can send, save, save, oh save me from the candid friend!"

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