Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 37

The Uneasy Grave

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jun 03, 1961 on CBS



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    • (Paladin finds a young woman digging a grave)
      Paladin: May I be of assistance?
      Kathy: Listen, Mister, just stick your fundament back on the saddle and leave me alone, will ya?
      Paladin: (Very gently) I'd like to help you.
      Kathy: Mister, the man I'm burying was a good man. Ah, and he was good to me, so I mean to see his grave well dug; now go away, will ya?
      Paladin: There's no work harder than digging an excellent grave, and I'd like to help you.
      Kathy: What's your game? Who are you?
      (Paladin hands her his card) A hired gun, huh? Well, why not? If you can't get justice one way, get it another.
      Paladin: Justice isn't bought by a gun. Or with a woman. It's bought with the same hard labor it takes to dig an excellent grave. And, I'd like to help you.

    • Kathy: I like you. Will you kill the man that killed him?
      Paladin: (Shakes his head) But I'll help you see justice done.
      Kathy: Justice. You don't know Johnsonville.
      Paladin: I've known many Johnsonvilles. You willing to go back?
      Kathy: Yeah. Yeah, I am, if it means getting even with Leander Johnson.
      Paladin: All right. (Gazes at her)
      Kathy: Whatsa matter? Is something wrong with me?
      Paladin: Nope. You need only walk in your own light.

    • Paladin: Now, where is your kitchen?
      Hotel Manager: It's closed!
      Paladin: Friend, I am going into your kitchen. I am going to prepare luncheon for myself and that young lady. I'm going to give you certain specific instructions as to how that table should be laid out, and oh, friend, it had better be done right. Now, where is your kitchen? (Manager points) Thank you.

    • (On seeing Kathy on the hotel stairs)
      Paladin: Well, now. "She was a form of life and light, that seen, became a part of sight. And rose where ere I turned my eye. The Morning Star of Memory." That's lovely.

    • Paladin: Voila! Chanterelle a la Kathy.
      Kathy: Oh, what a smell!
      Paladin: Kathy, you're already beginning to walk in your own light. No one who responds so ardently to the aroma of mushrooms can be all bad. You want to tell me about your Mr. O'Hara?
      Kathy: Oh, he was...just a man. He was gonna be my husband.
      Paladin: Kathy, in all this world, there is no such thing as "just a man".

    • (Paladin, followed by Mrs. Johnson, the sheriff, and several townsmen have entered the hotel to find Leander and Kathy in a somewhat compromising position)
      Leander: Get out of here, all of you!
      Kathy: Well, the dear little thing has some lukewarm blood in him after all.
      Leander: What do you want to talk like that for? (Kathy starts laughing) You talked nicely before she came.
      Kathy: So she could see what she's really been breedin' all these years. Well, Mrs. Johnson, who does he belong to? You or me? How's about some tricks, Mrs. Johnson? Do you want to see him do some tricks? Come on! Sit up! Roll over! Well, what about it, Mrs. Johnson? What'll he do for you? (Continues laughing merrily)

    • Paladin: Well, Katie. You're free to go. Terrence O'Hara is properly avenged. Where will you go?
      Kathy: I don't know. I'm still feathered out. I go where the wind blows. Someday, someplace, there'll, there'll be someone with a laugh and a loneliness that matches mine.

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  • Allusions

    • Paladin's quotation about the "Morning-star of Memory" was written by George Gordon, Lord Byron ((1788-1824). It is part of his poem "The Giaour".

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