Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 1

The Vigil

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Mary Fickett is listed as "Adella Forsyth" in the credits, but in the episode, she calls herself Adella Liggett.

    • It is not just Hey Boy that returns for the fifth season. At the beginning of the episode, they have a voice-over by Paladin after he draws his gun, which had pretty much disappeared for the fourth season. The closing credits were again shown over a scene of Paladin riding into view, then off into the distance, which is more visually interesting than the still shot they used for a good portion of the fourth season. One change for the credits; they put the scriptwriter and the director's name after the title credits, rather than at the end.

  • Quotes

    • Adella: Will you please tell that man that I would like to speak to him?
      Hey Boy: Now?
      Adella: Now. While he's still able to stand up.
      Hey Boy: No good whatever to speak with him now.
      Adella: Why not?
      Hey Boy: Just back from two months of perilous jeopardy. Without closing an eye. Ah, very tired now. So tired he can't even sleep.
      Adella: Not too tired to debauch himself.
      Hey Boy: Uh, he unwinds best in front of evil companions.
      Adella: If he is not too tired to indulge simultaneously in four amusements--any one of which is enough to ravage the health of an ordinary man--then he's not too tired to speak to me, now, you call him.
      Hey Boy: He will not do what you want.
      Adella: It takes money to live the way that one does. He'll talk to me.
      Hey Boy: I see you are wealthy perhaps.
      Adella: Only in bread cast upon the water. And that sometimes comes back soggy.

    • Adella: My name is Adella Ligget. (Paladin hands her a bottle so that he can extract his card) I've seen it tacked in my brother's study. A reminder of Satan's physical presence among us. My brother is a minister of the Gospel. (Paladin hastily takes back the bottle) I am a nurse. (Paladin eyes her quizzically) Well, there are some men who consider that an immoral occupation for a woman. My brother is among them.
      Paladin: Well, why come to me?
      Adella: Well, I thought... perhaps Satan wouldn't shrink from the thought of a female nurse. (Paladin bursts out laughing)
      Paladin: Where do you want Satan to take you?

    • Adella: I spent four years preparing myself. And now I find that I am not wanted. I feel like a woman who had carried a child and now was not permitted to bring it into the world. Some of us are denied the joy and privilege of motherhood. But a woman still needs to comfort, to care, to protect. In short, to be...a nurse.

    • Paladin: We'll camp here.
      Adella: Are you tired already?
      Paladin: Well, we've covered sixty miles, don't you think the horses have had enough for one day?
      Adella: Well, it's only another two or three hour's ride, isn't it?
      Paladin: "Distrust yourself, sleep before you fight. 'Tis not too late tomorrow to be brave".
      Adella: The world could come to an end, but a man has to have his sleep.
      Paladin: To a tired man, the world does come to an end, each night.
      Adella: If the Good Lord had entrusted men with the task of childbirth, this planet of ours would be as empty as a moon.
      Paladin: Miss Adella, I'm aware that a young woman of your high moral standards would much prefer to spend the night with a man on horseback. I can only assure you that, were you to rouse the bestial side of my nature, I am much too tired to do anything at all about it.

    • Paladin: Lucifer got killed at high noon. And, you're just burying him now. How come?
      Deke: Well, now, it uh, it took quite a spell for all the life juice to trickle outen him. And we didn't feel it'd be very Christian of us to--prod him along.

    • Paladin: Well, there's a town about fifty miles on ahead, I can report there on the grave, and they can send somebody after you.
      Deke: Send somebody back after us. Well, whatever for? I mean, uh, we ain't done nothing wrong, have we, outside out own Christian duty of coverin' up our brother's blood so it won't cry out from the ground?

    • Reamer: Mister. What gives you the right to stand in judgement on us?
      Paladin: Now look, son. It is of no private interest to me whether or not that man has an arrow in his back. But I do have some responsibility as a citizen.
      Reamer: Anybody accuses me of murdering my best friend's gonna have to be man enough to stand up and answer for it!
      Paladin: Well, for a bereaved man, you're mighty anxious to start a fight.

    • Adella: In Heaven's name, Paladin, have you no regard for their feelings?
      Paladin: If I have wronged you, I apologize. If I have not, I hope they hang you.

    • (Reamer has jumped Paladin from behind with a knife, prompting Paladin to spin and shoot him in the arm)
      Adella: Is that your idea of "those who live by the sword"? An unarmed boy?
      Paladin: Well, he was not exactly unarmed. Besides, I assume that any man who attacks me from the rear is trying to kill me.
      Deke: Now, Ma'am, you can't hardly blame him for that. I reckon a suspicious soul is always thinking evil thoughts about his fellow man, well now, he'd just better be handy with an iron. Outa sheer self preservation. I remember a grave I saw back in Arkansas once. Had a lovely motto carved on it, some foreign tongue. Translated as "Evil to him what evil thinks".

    • Adella: I'm glad you're not a better shot. At least the bone isn't broken.
      Paladin: I hit him where I intended to.

    • Adella: Is it really impossible for a man to feel like a man without a weapon in his hand?
      Deke: Now, Ma'am, don't go running down a man's skill with a iron, he's liable to get so nervous he'd shoot his own foot off next.
      Paladin: Don't count on it.
      Deke: I don't count on nothing except my fingers. 'Less I was to count to twenty. Then I take my shoes off.

    • Paladin: All right. Which way?
      Adella: You think I should turn back, don't you? Stop imposing my help where it isn't wanted?
      Paladin: Goldfield still without a doctor? (Adella nods) "Tis not too late tomorrow, to be brave".

  • Notes

    • Starting with this season, the writer & director credits are moved to the beginning of the episode from the end credits.

  • Allusions

    • "Distrust yourself, sleep before you fight. 'Tis not too late tomorrow to be brave".

      Paladin was quoting Dr. John Armstrong (1709-1779). The lines are from a poem, "The Art of Preserving Health" (1774).