Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 1

The Vigil

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 1961 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Paladin: We'll camp here.
      Adella: Are you tired already?
      Paladin: Well, we've covered sixty miles, don't you think the horses have had enough for one day?
      Adella: Well, it's only another two or three hour's ride, isn't it?
      Paladin: "Distrust yourself, sleep before you fight. 'Tis not too late tomorrow to be brave".
      Adella: The world could come to an end, but a man has to have his sleep.
      Paladin: To a tired man, the world does come to an end, each night.
      Adella: If the Good Lord had entrusted men with the task of childbirth, this planet of ours would be as empty as a moon.
      Paladin: Miss Adella, I'm aware that a young woman of your high moral standards would much prefer to spend the night with a man on horseback. I can only assure you that, were you to rouse the bestial side of my nature, I am much too tired to do anything at all about it.