Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 24

The Waiting Room

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 24, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Even though he's a prisoner being transferred, Dave has $48 to pay the undertaker. Transferred prisoners don't get to keep their money.

  • Quotes

    • Paladin: Pull up! (cocks rifle)
      Dave: That's an ugly sound.
      Paladin: I pull the trigger, it's even uglier.

    • Margaret: Don't you lay a hand on me, don't you touch me! You're impossible, you wretch! There are just no words--you're impossible, you are a cad, sir, (aside) call me a cab, please!
      Paladin: Uh, Miss Thorndyke, uh--
      Margaret: You are not a gentleman. You are most decidedly--
      Paladin: Margaret--
      Margaret: --not a gentleman. You are a beguiler! And a deceiver!
      Paladin: Margaret--
      Margaret: And--
      (Paladin snatches her to him)
      Paladin: Darlingggg! (Whispers in her ear; Margaret instantly calms, beams at him, and quietly departs.)
      Hey Boy: What did you say to her?
      Paladin: Well, if I tell you, you'll know, and then very shortly everyone will know, and then there will be absolutely no point in my knowing, will there?
      Hey Boy: Inscrutable, Bacadali.

    • Dave Wilder: There's, uh, somebody waiting out there with a rifle. Maybe one, maybe two, maybe three with a long rifle. Long way away. Waiting for a clear shot. There'll be some of my children in Derby. Waiting in a doorway. Maybe from a hitch post out in the street. Maybe from an upstairs window! Maybe inside the station. Waiting for a clear shot. Waiting to kill you.

    • (Dave Wilder stares at his dead brother.)
      Dave: You takin' him with us?
      Paladin: Yes.
      Dave: Well, I want him embalmed. I want him to go in a casket. I'll pay it, pay for his burial, too. But not his killing. You'll pay for that.

    • Dave: We may as well be friends. One of us is gonna be with the other for the rest of his life. Now, you're worse than I am. I kill for pleasure. Or to take power, or, the love of a fight. Huh. But you. You kill for money.

    • (Paladin has faced and shot Dave Wilder's last, hidden gang member.)
      Paladin: You call that undertaker. I paid his brother's fare all the way to Texas. I want that body on the next train.
      Stationman: Yes, sir.
      Paladin: (To Dave Wilder) Any more children?
      Dave: All the way to Texas.

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