Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 28, 1959 on CBS

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  • A man of wealth who has lived in India moves to Texas, near Del Rio, to avoid the curse he believes has been laid upon him, which is to be slain by a tiger. He enjoys tormenting others, and is not a nice man. One would applaud the tiger, given a chance.

    This episode recalls Kipling's short stories about the British in India. He liked to put a bully of the Raj into situations such as the one the bully in this story finds himself.

    When Paladin arrives, expecting to go on a big game hunt, he finds a mean old rich guy (MORG) quivering in his boots about a tiger that does not exist. The MORG has allowed his imagination to evoke the tiger in every stray cat, which, naturally, makes the cats pop over to his hacienda just for the fun of seeing him dash about throwing china and howling in fear. Paladin would pity him but for the pleasure he takes in being cruel to his servants.

    The satisfying end of this well done play could have come straight from the pen of O. Henry.