Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 28, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Nitpick) The circus men can't seem to make up their minds as to the gender of their tiger--first they refer to it as "she" and "her". After Paladin comments on how old, toothless, and helpless it is, they say that he should not insult "Johnny" to "his" face.

  • Quotes

    • Pahndu: (talking about Texans) You will not believe this, but I thought you were one of the natives here.
      Paladin: Natives? Oh, yes, a quaint lot.
      Pahndu: Very strange. And I'm afraid, dangerous.
      Paladin: Only when restless. I...
      Pahndu: You should have been here a fortnight ago. One of their festivals, a box dance.
      Paladin: Box dance?
      Pahndu: For no reason at all. They begin to appear...
      Paladin: Oh, a square dance.
      Pahndu: ...from miles around, carrying fermented liquors.

    • (A man confronts Paladin in the lobby; Paladin makes a casual movement)
      Paladin: Look at my right hand very carefully, sir. The caliber of this derringer is .38. It's capable of putting a stain on the carpet Hey Boy could never remove.

    • Hey Boy: Tiger not like other animal. They have evil wisdom. Inside them is devil.
      Young woman (seductive tone): Good morning, Paladin.
      (Long pause, as he watches her walk away)
      Paladin: Hey Boy, (sigh) the devil can be found in many shapes.

    • Paladin: There are, of course, certain unexplained mysteries. Certain things in life for which we have no logical explanation.
      Ellsworth: Such as the power of a thousand dollars?
      Paladin: A thousand dollars, Mr. Ellsworth, would scarcely pay me for the pain of enduring your company; I'd have to have at least another thousand to protect you from a tiger--paid in advance whether or not I succeed.

    • Trainer: I'll have my boys take care of the body.
      Paladin: Will you have them take it to Argus?
      Helper: Happens to be right where we're headed.
      Paladin: Yes, I know. If you don't mind, I'll go on ahead; I want to buy some boat tickets to India.
      Trainer: India?
      Paladin: That's right. Couple of friends of mine; they'll be newly married, and I'd like to wish them bon voyage.
      Trainer: One man dies, another gets married. A man never knows, does he?
      Paladin: On the contrary. Sometimes a man knows his next appointment all too well.

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