Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 9

Young Gun

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 08, 1958 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Nitpick) In the opening scene, Paladin is reading a short newspaper article. We hear his voice state: "According to C.W. Wellman"--but those words are not in the written article, although the rest of the voiceover is exactly as written.

  • Quotes

    • (Paladin surveys the saloon, crowded with silent, watching men)
      Paladin: What's everybody waiting for?
      Jeff: Me to get killed.

    • (Jeff walks away from Casey's body)
      Paladin: You knew you could beat him.
      Jeff: Knowin' and doin' are two different things.

    • Mrs. Wellman: You said, Casey was killed.
      Paladin: That's right.
      Mrs. W.: Jeff do it?
      Paladin: I didn't catch his name.
      Mrs. W.: Jeff. Poor boy.
      Paladin: Well, he's alive.
      Mrs. W.: How long can a man live by a gun, Mr. Paladin? Especially when he doesn't want to?

    • (Jeff is practicing on a target painted on the barn wall)
      Roy: No, no, no, no, blast your eyes, you're late in the trigger. Your barrel come up too far, made your shot land too high.
      Jeff: All right, Pa, but I hit him. He would have been hurt.
      Roy: That's not good enough. How many times do I have to tell you, when you draw, you shoot to kill? (Gestures at the target) From here to here, understand? No place else.
      Paladin: That's good advice. If all you want to do is kill. Now, take it easy, Calvert, this isn't El Paso, and you're not as young as you used to be.
      Roy: Who are you? What do you want?
      Paladin: Five minutes of your time, and my name is Paladin. (Jeff aims his gun) To paraphrase Shakespeare, our names are advertised by our loving friends. Son, you can put that gun up, I'm not here to cause any trouble.

    • Roy: I'm gonna kill this town, Paladin. That's all I want.
      Paladin: The ranchers'll drive through.
      Roy: They tried it once. And it cost them.
      Paladin: Maybe next time it'll cost you.
      Roy: Not likely, with Jeff playing my hand.
      Paladin: I have more respect for a man that plays his own.
      Roy: I can't. I promised that I'd never draw this on another man.

    • (Jeff jerks around as Paladin walks around the corner of the house)
      Paladin: What's the matter? Don't you think you're good enough yet?
      Jeff: Can't be good enough, or you're dead.
      Paladin: Now that sounds like your father talking.
      Jeff: What are you doin' here? If you're workin' for Wellman, sooner or later we gotta shoot it out.
      Paladin: That all you know? Shoot it out? You've killed three men already. Have a taste for it, now?
      Jeff: Don't you?
      Paladin: A man draws a gun for a reason. Every man has his own. But most men have a point at which they draw the line, I have mine. What's yours?

    • Paladin: Now, those cattle are gonna go through tomorrow afternoon. I'll see to it myself. You have any objections, I'll be in town all morning, we can settle it then.
      Roy: We'll be glad to oblige.
      Paladin: You, or Jeff?
      Jeff: Me.
      Paladin: Well. Getting easier all the time, isn't it?

    • (Paladin walks through the saloon of waiting men)
      Paladin: Well, I hope the show is worth the price. Barney, thank you very much. (Tosses a coin to the bartender and walks out.)

    • Roy: What are they doin' here?
      Paladin: You might at least listen and find out.
      Mrs. Wellman: Mr. Calvert. A long time has passed, and there's been too much bitterness for apologies. But I'd appreciate it if you'd allow me to pay my respects at your wife's grave.
      Roy: It's a little late for that, isn't it?
      Paladin: Roy, when you first came to this town you expected the people here to forget what had happened in the past. Now they're asking exactly the same thing of you. Let it end.

    • Paladin: You ought to be very proud of yourself. You've turned this boy into a killer. He's going to enjoy the same kind of a life you have..............If he lives long enough.

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