Have I Got News for You

Season 35 Episode 3

Brian Blessed, Alan Duncan, Marcus Brigstocke

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 02, 2008 on BBC
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Brian Blessed, Alan Duncan, Marcus Brigstocke

Guest Host: Brian Blessed.
Panellists: Marcus Brigstocke, Alan Duncan MP

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  • This has to be THE funniest thing I have EVER seen ... Brian Blessed was hilarious ... not for you if you have pelvic floor problems !!!!

    OMFG I do not know when I have screamed so hard laughing at what was coming out of Brian Blessed's mouth ... the story about when he was up Mount Everest and his friend needed the loo was just hysterical!! I thought I would die from laughing ... couldn't breathe!

    Alan Duncan is really gorgeous and very funny ... for an MP! Marcus Brigstocke is very clever with his wit and as for Paul Merton and Ian Hislop ... I don't think they could believe their eyes as to what was happening in front of them ... Paul especially ... 'bracing himself' for what the Blessed was thinking of doing to him! Blessed blamed it on the chair he was sitting on because Ann Widdicombe had sat on it and he could feel the vibes going up his ... well ... let's just I don't think he needed any vibes because he was on top form!

    Never mind bringing Angus Deyton back ... just bring back the Blessed for one more show!

    Cutest story ... the bald penguin that needed a special coat to swim ... aaaahh!moreless
  • I am such a fan of this show, just when I think it can't generate a big reaction from me anymore, along comes Brian Blessed and I laugh until I cry, until I choke, until I think I will split at the seams.moreless

    As soon as we saw Brian Blessed appear on screen in my house, we started quoting him from Flash Gordon and within moments, he was doing the same. From that point onwards, I was in hysterics. From Brian's outrageous, over the top performance, to the number of shots of Paul and Ian hiding behind their hands, to the extra high number of times Alan Duncan's jokes fell flat, this was a series high for me.

    It's always a good sign in a comedy show, when you are laughing so much, you need to pause, rewind to catch the lines you missed through laughing. So many times this happened to me.

    Do I remember what I was laughing at? Not really, because it got to a point where I no longer cared, this was perfect comedy. Not sure it was perfect political satire though.moreless

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    • (During the missing words round)
      Brian: "If placing a portable restroom near a cliff edge..." what?
      Paul: Don't!

    • Brian: This is the news that grey squirrels are being overtaken by a new mutant strain, the black squirrel. The interesting thing about these new squirrels is that they're big, bushy and have no trouble attracting a mate. Like squirrel, like human I always say!
      Marcus: Have you been shagged by a squirrel?!

    • Brian: This is the news that prostitutes are being smuggled into the prison at Derbyshire.
      Marcus: That may be the problem of the overcrowding, maybe they count heads while the prostitutes are still in there. They should do a second count...
      Paul A head count!

    • (During the missing words round)
      Brian: "I'm fast becoming a bore, says..." what?
      Ian: Young, adolescent pig!

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    • At the start of this episode, while talking about Gordon Brown slipping in popularity, Brian Blessed yells out "Gordon's Alive!". This is an quote from the 1980 movie Flash Gordon, given by Brian's character in it.