Have I Got News for You

Season 35 Episode 2

Julian Clary, Ed Byrne, Andrew Neil

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2008 on BBC
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Julian Clary, Ed Byrne, Andrew Neil
Guest Host:Julian Clary Panellists: Ed Byrne, Andrew Neil

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  • Since when were guest presenters meant to be funny? Thats what Paul Merton is for, and here he was well and truly on form.

    I would say out of the series so far, This should be rated on equal footing to 301 with Brian Blessed. Yes, Julian Clary was somewhat bland, but HIGNFY has rarely been funny on the basis of the presenter - indeed Brian Blessed wasn't altogether funny, just insane. The stars of the show are always Paul and Ian, and in this episode you're treated to Ian (and Ed Byrne) mocking Prince William's abuse of a RAF Chinook helicopter - landing it in a field belonging to his girlfriend Kate Middleton's family, and Paul Merton's impressions of Elvis meeting the Queen. Ed Byrne was also on form, and at one point providing an interesting note about Royal Mail - until they are delivered, letters are technically the possession of the Queen, so if you posted a block of hashish... she could get done for possession... Another highlight is the appearance of a clip released on youtube, which uses the sound from Newsnight mayoral debate between Boris, Ken and Brian Paddick, dubbed to clips from the old children's program Rainbow (Ken correctly casted as Zippy!).

    We are also shown Hillary Clinton's true colours "mispeaking" - lying about landing in Serbia under a hail of bullets, then as Paul points out, she once claimed she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary, yet she was born 6 years (Paul mistakenly says 3 years) before the explorer ever climbed Everest and became famous.

    Paul's on the spot impro highlights: The old Oldham logo (Blue disc with a concentric white o) - Paul says "it looks like one of those things in chip shops that kills flies, or an aerial view of a polo mint drowning!"

    On discussing Hillary Clinton's prevarication over Serbia, Paul says: "Now, we're going to name you after a New Zealand mountaineer that nobody's ever heard of, but in 3 years time you're going to be the most popular kid in the playground... now run around in the garden while we take pot shots at you!"

    Paul on Pigs speaking in German accent: "Ve don't vant to be a pig, but vhat can ve do...vhy can't ve be a chicken lay eggs, but no its always vith ze suassage!"

    Missing words - Giant owl.... Paul: "goes HOOOOOT! Top of the trees, you hear it every night, HOOOOOT! They have a terrible time mating!"

    Summary - who gives a hoot about Clary not being very funny - Paul Ian and Ed do more than enough to make this episode an above average laugh fest.moreless
Julian Clary

Julian Clary

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Ed Byrne


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Andrew Neil


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    • Ed: Did you know that if you steal the royal post, you can get done for treason? It's because it's the Royal Mail.
      Ian: Very unlikely you're going to get any post to steal though.
      Ed: It's because from the time you post it to the time it reaches the Palace, it's property of the Queen. Therefore, if you were to post the Queen a block of hash you could do her for possession!

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    • Julian described regulars Paul Merton and Ian Hislop with Paul would be a kind of rough, tufty mongrel - a cross-breed, quite intelligent and tenacious. Ian would be an interbred strain of something that's not going to live very long, like a bulldog.