Have I Got News for You

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 28, 1990 Between Seasons





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  • Satire show, which often takes cheap digs

    Have I Got News For You is often considered great.... a sort of modern Spitting Image. It is hysterically stylized, diabolical and often funny. It is so easy to have comedy shows which deride individuals. Real comedy is laughs, when they aren't at anyone's expense. Yes, there have been funny times- e.g the Lard but it is becoming too dated and the british public and gradually becoming bored of it.

    I, for one, think England is ready for new comedy..... new Comedy writers. We want something funny to watch on Friday nights. Not the normal BBC run of the mill drudge.

  • A great panel game with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

    Have I Got News For You is a great panel game with a mix of comedy and news. Paul Merton is a great panelist, always on hand to give funny opinions about the week's news and the occasional flight of fantasy. Ian Hislop is a bold young magazine editor not afraid to tell the truth about the news and, more importantly, about the week's guests and guest host. Both Hislop and Merton work together to provide good satire every week. Unfortunately, sometimes the news just isn't any good, or the guest host just doesn't cut it (i.e. Neil Kinnock) so the show lacks in some episodes. However, it is consistently funny every series and I hope it continues on for years to come. No other news panel show will overtake what HIGNFY has done since 1990.
  • A good show which is endlessly funny

    Have I Got News for You is a fantastic show. It is kinda like average UK game-show meets comedy classic. The fact that there is a different host makes it better. If you do not read the listings or check the guide on Sky, it makes the show even better. One week it could be Jeremy Clarkson, the next Anne Widdecome. Ian and Paul are the funniest guys on a Friday night game show comedy. If you like lots of comedy and Friday is the best night for you on the TV listings, you will enjoy the show. You will, honestly
  • The best satirical show ever!! Mock the Week a close second!

    Have I Got News For You is a long-running satirical show broadcast on BBC1. I know the minimum that you can write is 100 words, but because I’m such a huge fan of this show this review will be much longer than that. I do feel that this show has progressed in that the segments are now much longer. I felt in 1990 that the show was based more on the quiz element as opposed to the way in which it is structured now. The show has so many highlights. For instance, the famous way in which Paul Merton answered the following missing words:
    “I made Thatcher_______ says Nigel” Paul Merton: “swallow.”
    There was also the appearance of Caroline Quentin, Paul Merton’s then-wife, during which she told him that he should “get out more.” There was the Margaret Thatcher special, which was, quite possibly, the worst episode ever because Edwina Currie and Derek Hatton absolutely loathed each other. Then, of course, there was the episode with the Tub of Lard. Roy Hattersley had been billed to be a guest but, for the third time, he’d pulled out. Poor Paul was forced to answer questions in foreign languages, as it was the last episode of the series. That said Paul and the Tub of Lard won the game! In 1994, the infamous appearance of Sir Teddy Taylor who kept rambling on about his anti-EEC stance caused friction because it got the point where Paul Merton, so fed up with his team-mate’s rambling, he mimed making a noose and hanged himself. In fact, rumour has it, that after the programme was broadcast, several MP’s made nooses and hanged themselves when Teddy Taylor next spoke in the House of Commons. Salman Rushdie also appeared as Paul Merton’s guest. But, because he was still in hiding, the guest was billed as “the return of the Tub of Lard.” In 1995, there was the appearance of Paula Yates, to whom Ian Hislop didn’t take too kindly. He was wildly criticised for being intrusive about a woman’s body, despite the fact that he never mentioned anything about the woman’s body!! There were of course, numerous election specials and infamous episodes, including the David Shayler episode in 2000, where Paul Merton was so bored with his team-mate that he switched off the television, then, after he’d switched it back on, he got up and went to the audience and shook their hands. Once audience member gave him a newspaper, and he continued to read it throughout the episode!
    With so many highlights like this, and so many omitted (I don’t think there’s enough room for all of my personal highlights!!) there is no doubt that this programme is, by now, an institution!! Long live Have I Got News For You!
  • Better now than ever !

    Have I Got News for You is better now than ever. I didn\'t think it would be the same without Angus Deayton but it is just as good now. Paul Merton and Ian Hislop bounce of each other so well. It is good clean British comedy and there is not much of that around these days, it seems to all sex and swear words, very seldom do you get any of this on Have I Got News for You. I don\'t think there has been on weak guest host, they have all been fabulous, some even taking the mickey out of themselves. Have I Got News for You is still one of the best shows around and long may it stay that way.

    Anthony Reardon
  • Hilarious and witty satire.

    A great satire that has gained in popularity since it's beginning back in 1990.

    The show began with Ian Hislop and Paul Merton being team captains whith Angus Deaton as "chair" this format has changed more than once in the lifetime of the show, in the 11th season Paul Merton took a break from the show due to ill health and only featured once as a guest on Ian's team and more recently Angus Deaton had to resign due to allegations of drug use amongst other things.

    However even with these set backs the show has gained in popularity launching politicians to an almost iconic status within the show, (such as Boris Johnson).

    Guest presenters each week bring their own style to the show and add a different type of humour that seems to always keep fresh throughout the show.
  • A bitingly witty satire panel show, as fresh today as fifteen years ago.

    One of the most consistently funny and clever comedy shows on TV. Although the show has been running since 1990, the format has remained virtually unchanged, with the fantastic team captains of Ian Hislop and Paul Merton bringing their unique (particularly Merton) and different senses of humour to the show. The loss of host Angus Deayton hasn't been the hindrance it may have been, with a selection of guest presenters providing a different edge (and differing levels of ability). Still an unmissable show. This and The Daily Show are the pinnacles of their respective countries satires.
  • Spot-on satire - classic

    One of the BBC's greatest achievements, this panel quiz show has been at the forefront of current event and poitical satire since its' beginnings on BBC 2 an amazing 15 years ago. Since then, Angus Deayton has been fired, Merton and Hislop have indeed gotten older, and the rounds have slowed down to the point where the humour is far moe of a focus than the quiz itself - no bad thing. The show is consistent - and, as you may expect with current events - never runs low on material. The special guests each week - both the presenters and the team members - are well chosen and often as hilarious as Hislop and merton themselves.

    Anyone interested in politics or current events will find this show some fantastic light relief. Highly recommended.