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This SyFy series is based on Stephen King's novella, "The Colorado Kid," and centers on a small town in Maine called Haven where cursed people try to live normal lives in exile. As their curses start coming back, FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent in to try and control the forces and try to unravel the mysteries of the town. Audrey Parker, played by Emily Rose grew up as an orphan in Ohio and ended up in Haven, Maine. Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) becomes her partner.


    Syfy Renews Haven for a Supersized Season 5

    It looks like Eric Balfour is a show killer no more.

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    • I will miss Emily Rose, but it was a great ending.

      I hate sudden endings to TV series and I hate it when they leave you hanging. Haven ended on a good note.

      The ending of Haven was bitter sweet and I will miss Emily Rose, but it was a good ending in my opinion.

    • I once was "Lost" but now I am found

      I once was "Lost" but now I am found

      "Haven", in my humble opinion, jumped the shark with all the business about "the barn".

      It was the show's counterpart to the island jumping through time and space in "Lost". That of course was when "Lost" jumped the shark.

      But to Haven's credit, the writers did bring the series arc back on track, to some extent. The spine of the story was already severely weakened by then.

      But they did "bookend" the series finale by having Audrey slam the door on Nathan's fingers. Too little, too late. But better than "Lost" at least.

      BTW, for a lesson in how to write a series arc, see "Fringe".moreless
    • Audrey / Duke or Audrey / Nathan?

      before I review anything, there is a forum topic complete with a poll regarding Duke/Audrey/Nathan called who will / should Audrey Parker end up with? I'm having problems adding a link and would love for you to post your thoughts on the argument on the topic. Having said that though, and wishing for some feedback from all of you;

      I am a massive fan of this show. It's easy watching with alot of fun and humor, even with its darker sides. I have just finished binge-watching the show in preperation for season 5b (hopefully we'll know when it airs soon) and I have enjoyed some parts more than others. For instance, I really liked Mara/Duke and I've come to the conclusion that Nathan's love for Audrey is, on some level, rather selfish (he can feel her, he risks the town etc) and that is why i'm a Duke/Audrey shipper.moreless
    • Great show!

      Haven is a great show I really hope they keep going on to season 6! :)

      I've watched this show over more then once and its still as good each time
    • When does S05b or 6 air??

      When does S05b or 6 air?

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