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Season 5 : Episode 7

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This SyFy series is based on Stephen King's novella, "The Colorado Kid," and centers on a small town in Maine called Haven where cursed people try to live normal lives in exile. As their curses start coming back, FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent in to try and control the forces and try to unravel the mysteries of the town. Audrey Parker, played by Emily Rose grew up as an orphan in Ohio and ended up in Haven, Maine. Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) becomes her partner.

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  • Low Budget, Low Budget ...

    How long can Mara/Audrey and the dudes remain in one room and talk, talk, talk, talk, talk? How long can Duke wear a baseball cap? Series 5 is a complete dud. There is no story, no action/excitement and no development. It's just characters talking about troubles over and over again. Either producers cut the budget or they are purposely trying to sabotage the popularity of the series to make sure audiences tune-out so they can cancel the series. If it has nothing to do with that, perhaps it's the series producers. They need to hire talented new writers instead of old burned out, complacent glorified "schooled TV writers".moreless
  • Never over

    I love this show pIease please don't end it yet give us 3 more season Before ending it I'm in love with this show

    This show is basically my life so I hope this isn't the last season. I think they way they are going with is is perfect! If it does have to end I just hope it is a happy ending:)
  • clean s-Haven

    Yup... I do I agree with Linia. If this is the final seasn, I DO hope for something more than just a good ending,

    It's a good show to be wasted with a lame ending!
  • I fear for... the end.

    Ok, I LOVE this show - but last season was weird and setup a really strange story-line for the final season.

    I have seen the ending for many shows and most are not great.

    Often they make the final episode sappy or unfinished, leaving you frustrated that there is no real closure.

    I am sooooo scared that this season (whilst apparently a long one) will not finish properly.

    We have still had no real closure on the Colorado Kid thing - I mean we know he was her son... we know she put him in the barn to save his life - but.... we do NOT know what happened to him in that final barn or what happened to him, when the barn was destroyed. Also none of them even mentioned him in the last season.. Sigh...

    I just want to see a Final Episode, where there is real closure - all the troubles are stopped, the Teagues are reunited, the townspeople are finally free.

    I love Adam Copeland as Dwight in this - I always liked him on the WWE (or at least until he turned full heel) but he has really proven he can actually act. I hope they really give him some good stuff to do in the final season.

    Ok - sooooo.. There has been a very strong story-line going on between Duke and Audrey. Whilst the writers finally went down the Nathan/Audrey route - Duke and Audrey have a truly important connection. He basically is the only one that can truly stop the troubles. He still loves her (even with the Jennifer sideline) and I think there is a lot more chemistry between them then Audrey/Nathan.

    Sorry rambled a bit ther.. but just saying - really really really really need to see closure on this one properly - Was GUTTED when Eureka ended (way too soon in my opinion) and there are just so few proper scripted shows - way toooo much reality television...moreless

    Syfy Renews Haven for a Supersized Season 5

    It looks like Eric Balfour is a show killer no more.

    • New time slot?
      ZAP2IT and TitanTV show E05 moved to 7PM Friday?
    • Season 5 episode 1 talk...
      Have you watched the episode yet? I did ;) I think Dave kicked everyone out the lighthouse and sealed all the leaks around town...
    • New Haven fan on Netflix
      So... What did I miss regarding Episode 212 and 213? It seems 213 is one-off.... As 212 leads directly into 301. Little help would...
    • Haven renewed
      Finally Haven has been renewed, as a 2 part season of 26 episodes, 13 to air this year, and 13 to air next year. Thats great news.
    • Did this show "Jump the Shark"?
      I liked the show when it first came out and I was expecting it to get better when they announced Colin Ferguson would be added to ...
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