Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2012 on Syfy

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  • a great season premiere.

    We get struggles between Nathan and Duke, we get aliens, we get lots of good humor. Simply a very good episode.
  • 301 Haven's 3rd Season!

    301 was a great episode and season 3 premier of Haven. I must admit I'm baffled how this show has gotten this far while others have been cancelled. However, the episode showed the growth and progression of the story lines and characters. I liked watching Nathan and Duke fight and then work together to find Audrey. The whole aliens thing was fun and had many entertaining qualities. It was creepy to see Audrey be held captive with another woman we never saw. I believe the perpetrator is David Teagues or that he knows more than he lets on. Vince Teagues was great in trying to help Audrey. I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • 301 Premiere

    Good for this show to be more serialized and have some continuing storylines, but this sudden importance of the Colorado Kid leaves me worried that this will be the show's final season.

    It was good, but the way it answered no questions felt reminiscent of Lost, just with much inferior writing and acting. Solid start to the year though.
  • A bit off but good

    I'm glad Haven is back, I've always enjoyed this show greatly. I wouldn't call this that great an episode though. It was good but nowhere near my top of the list. What I found that let me down was that Audrey wasn't really involved in the episode that much, the premise was rather odd, and we never got to see the other woman. As for weird things, it definitely had that and from what I could discern the UFO freak was actually causing the UFOs to appear from his imagination. So did that mean they weren't real or what which was never really explained. There was some good interplay between Nathan and Duke with them helping each other at times and beating up on each other at other times. Also Nathan's love for Audrey definitely is coming strongly into play while Duke's affection for her as well was shown. This will probably add to the conflict between the two in future episodes. So I wouldn't call it a strong start to season 3 but not bad either. I'll be looking forward to future episodes for certain.
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