Season 1 Episode 8

Ain't No Sunshine

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 27, 2010 on Syfy
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Unexplained deaths at a local clinic lead Nathan and Audrey to investigate a mysterious "Dark Man."

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  • amazing ending

    This is a great setup for the rest of the season, what an amazing show this is.
  • Amazing ending

    I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode. We got to see more of Nathan and how he feels about not being able to physically feel. I felt very sad for him when he was explaining to Audrey that he can;t even feel his own skin and that he wasn't sure if he could make anything happen. I wanted to cry when he was standing in front of Jess's house after she said goodbye to him and told him that she was going back to Montreal with him holding the flowers and the coffee! But the ending was worth the little bit of sadness. throughout the episode Audrey had been trying to make friends, realizing that she has never really had a true friend that she could rely on. (It was actually pretty funny how she kept calling everyone by the wrong names) Well, at the end of the episode she said to Nathan that she does have a friend and so does he, meaning each other, and leans up and kisses him on the cheek Nathan's face was absolutely priceless. Because he could actually physically feel Audrey's kiss or touch! If that's not a sign that they are meant for each other then I don't know what is. It was Awesome.moreless
  • A classic end scene

    First of all, this has been, to my opinion, the best episode so far... But, have I said this before? Well, then this is a classic.

    I was glad to see Nathan so much more passionate in this case. He followed leads, he came up with theories and his dynamic with Audrey was better because of this. And that's what I had been expecting.

    I felt really sorry for Nathan for not being able to feel anything. I can only imagine what kind of person he must think he is even when his condition is only physical. He has to trust Audrey a lot to confess to her something so private and what could be something really embarassing, but Audrey's support was important and I'm sure he treasures that.

    I'm glad Jess is gone for good. I always thought she looked too old for Nathan.

    I hadn't felt that much excitement for a show since the X-files' days. It was an interesting (and creepy) plot combined with the characters' developing subplots and stories with a motive that had nothing supernatural, just pure revenge. Thornton's explanation to his "shadow" was... kind of accurate. Him feeling relieved, like some weight had been lifted as his shadow was wandering around and getting rid of those who killed his wife.

    But the most important thing: The last scene. I don't think Nathan ever imagined that the person who could make him feel something was the new girl in town. His reaction is priceless. I wonder what his thoughts were after the kiss. And I also wonder if Audrey knows what she has caused with it.moreless
  • Slipping into mediocrity

    Listeners of the Critical Myth Podcast (available on my website and iTunes) know that our discussion panel has been struggling with "Haven" since the very beginning. I've tried to defend it, based on the information provided in the official commentaries from the Syfy website and other revelations from the creative side, but it's hard to continue when all of those promises never seem to translate into results on the screen.

    My greatest criticism has been the absence of consistent supporting characters that can represent the quirky and unusual personality of the town itself. The writers seem to be going for the long-term effect; given enough time and exposure, the episodic elements will form a gestalt that will reveal the character of Haven as a whole. But that hasn't been happening on a sufficient scale.

    This is one reason why I liked Jess and her relationship with Nathan. Not only did she seem to be designed to make Nathan more comfortable with his curse, but she seemed to represent a perspective on the Troubles that was otherwise lacking. And the Nathan/Jess, Audrey/Duke setup avoided the more conventional love triangle approach. But most importantly, Jess was something important: a supporting character that provided a touchstone to the undercurrents in Haven society.

    So what do the writers do? They have Jess leave Haven, just as Audrey starts pushing Nathan to come out of his reserved and wooden shell. Which reduces Jess to a plot device: a character introduced solely to open up Nathan's worldview enough for Audrey's apparent benefit. Not only is the show now straying in a more conventional direction, but now the audience is back to having less insight into the Haven community as a result.

    The result is frustration. The pattern has already emerged among the cursed, so it's now a waiting game until the main characters recognize it themselves. In the meantime, there just isn't enough personality to the show, the town, or the regulars to generate the kind of interest "Haven" desires. The irony is that the overwhelming impression given by the production and the tone of the episodes is that they're getting the job done.moreless
  • A turning point episode. Jess was not one of the 'troubled' and it showed painfully. She could accept Nathan's issue because she believed it to be a medical problem, something that fit neatly in a box. Haven doesn't have much use for boxes.moreless

    I like Jess and the companionship she offered Nathan. He has a good heart and we want him to connect with someone, but he isn't ordinary. Nathan needs someone who can handle Haven level ordinary, Jess wasn't it. Remember that she played on the witch image when she arrived, but despite what she saw, she was not a believer in what she actually saw, only in what she wanted to see. This denial issue is the thing the chief keeps after Nathan about. Jess left because she didn't want to see, even if she had to sacrifice Nathan to keep her eyes closed. I'll bet she'll be back to challenge the new Nathan and Audrey connection, and I wonder if she will suddenly become a believer if her desires tap the Haven energy source for troubled hearts after her return.

    Audrey told Nathan in an early episode she couldn't heal him. Nathan came alive when she kissed him and he felt it. I was hopping up and down in the livingroom I was so happy for Nathan. How will Audrey feel when she finds out?moreless
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Samantha Wilson

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    • Nathan: You're not coming back.
      Jess: I don't want to go, Nathan. But there are all these things happening here in Haven, the Troubles. I can't be here, not after...
      Nathan: I could, um...
      Jess: These things have a way of finding you. I'm sorry. I wish I was stronger.

    • Nathan: Non-fat, almond, mocha latte. With a dusting of cinnamon. I think.
      Jess: Black, I think.
      Nathan: Nope. I decided to have yours.
      Jess: How'd you like it?
      Nathan: Still working up the nerve to try it.
      Jess: You know you could have come inside.
      Nathan: You were sleeping.
      Jess: You could have been sleeping, too.
      Nathan: But who would have gotten us the coffees?
      Jess: Oh, you're an odd man, Detective Wournos.
      Nathan: That's what they keep telling me.

    • Audrey: You know, if you don't want to talk about Jess, just say so.
      Nathan: Would that work?
      Audrey: Probably not.

    • Nathan: Maybe you should try small talk?
      Audrey: Nathan Wournos promoting small talk? That's like Superman trying to sell kryptonite.
      Nathan: I'm not the one looking for friends.
      Audrey: Hey, I didn't say that I was looking for friends.

    • Audrey: Hey. Thank you, Allan.
      Allan: Hey, Audrey.
      Audrey: Allan. He'd give me a ride if he wanted me to.
      Nathan: That's nice. Except his name is Bob.

    • Jess: Actually you have dinner.
      Audrey: Awesome. Nathan, would you please marry this woman? Sorry. Did I just make that awkward?
      Jess: Oh, we have to get to second base first. Sorry, I made that even more awkward.

    • Nathan: We don't exactly know what's going on at the center. So maybe you should just take a few days off until we do.
      Jess: Isn't he cute when he wants to take charge.
      Audrey: He is cute. You should see him around babies.

    • Nathan: Hey, well lets get to work looking for a tall, short, thin, wide Dark Man who may or may not be carrying a sword.

    • David: Yes, you make pretty pictures, but I don't want pretty. I want real. I want grungy. I want it to hurt.
      Vince: Yes, you're a pain, all right.
      David: Mock away, but photography is truth. It reveals things. It's how I roll.
      Vince: Oh, please.
      David: The only thing your pictures reveal is your tortured soul.
      Vince: At least I have a soul.

    • Nathan: But if patients are being killed for some reason, maybe someone wants revenge.
      Audrey: Exactly.
      Nathan: Wait, is that what you were actually thinking, or did you just steal my idea?
      Audrey: Does it matter?

    • Audrey: Look, it does need the light. It can't move without it.
      Vince: It's too dark for it to come over here, right?
      Audrey: Yeah. That's what I'm thinking.
      David: I still don't know how you can know that.
      Audrey: It's in my supernatural shadow guide. It says, hold on, yup.

    • Audrey: Dave, I need you to download those images. There might be a picture of the shadow on there.
      Vince: He can't download them.
      Audrey: Well, Nathan can just show you...
      David: No, I know how to download. I shoot on film. Warmer tones.
      Vince: It's how he rolls.

    • Nathan: We need to see Wilson's bank records.
      Audrey: Hey, you're kinda smart.
      Nathan: Kinda?

    • Audrey: (to Nathan) Hey, uh, you know that whole friends thing. You were right. I... I don't think I ever really had any. But I do now. And so do you.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: November 24, 2010 on Universal Channel
      UK: November 25, 2010 on Syfy
      Latin America: December 03, 2010 on SyFy Channel
      Finland: December 13, 2012 on YLE TV2

    • Music: If I Couldn't Have You (Sweet Talk Radio)

    • Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell are credited but don't appear.

    • Injoke: The Dark Man is one of the names of Stephen King's nemesis, Randall Flagg, in his novel The Stand. Since then, King expanded the character, making him one of the central figures in his Dark Tower series, where he is known variously as Raymond Fiegler, Marten, and Walter O'Dim.