Season 1 Episode 9

As You Were

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Syfy

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  • One of my favorite episodes

    This was very exciting! It would've been more exciting if I hadn't read the full recap and the reviews... But curiosity killed the cat.

    I think the writers kind of played with us when there didn't really seemed to be a real suspect. I don't think Julia counts because we knew very little of her and it would've been too obvious. But Audrey was a shocker however, she didn't really do anything suspicious... Maybe that's how it was written, but it would've been more interested if we had thought everyone was the killer. I also think Vaughn's motivation could've been... darker.

    Chief Wournos is still a total moron. I don't know why he hates Nathan so much. Does he really think his son is a coward? Hasn't Nathan proved that he is brave, a good detective and strong enough by now? Audrey (or the shapeshifter for that matter) was right in telling him Nathan needed some comfort.

    So holding Audrey's hand isn't proof enough for Nathan that he had to kiss her... and kiss her on the lips? Of course!!! Nathan sure was very worried about Audrey. Both he and Audrey are strengthening their friendship and it could be dangerous for both of them.

    I liked the darkness of the scenes and that we had a case without the duo really being on a case, you know. I thought Duke was stronger... but he was drinking and sort of complaining a lot. And too bad Eleanor was killed. I really liked her from ep 1.