Season 1 Episode 9

As You Were

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Sliding backwards

    I find it interesting to note that the official podcast for "Haven" hasn't been updated in a while. Are they still trying to produce the final few episodes of the season, or has support slowly but surely withered away over the past month or so? I can easily see this being a combination of both factors, but I must admit, I miss the insight into the creative process.

    This was a difficult episode for me, because it revealed just how much I'm struggling to maintain interest in the show. This was chock full of revelations about Audrey and her mother, at least in terms of who knew about Lucy, and there's a lot of potential for some dramatic fallout over the discovery of that information. So why was Audrey's reaction so tepid?

    Let's face it: for all intent purposes, Duke and Vince admit that they've been keeping things from Audrey. Not just little things, but things that have defined her reason for being in Haven in the first place. Considering that there was some amount of chemistry between Audrey and Duke, and certainly interest on his part, this is a significant betrayal. I was waiting for her to get seriously angry at the implication that she was being fooled into staying in town, given how it subverts her feeling of being treated like one of their own at the beginning of the episode. But that moment of justified anger never really came.

    The episode also promised, to some extent, that these events were a meaningful escalation, as the portentous cracks around Haven made a reappearance. As metaphors go, they are fairly obvious, but the writers needs to give us more reason to care. What exactly are the stakes? What will Audrey's discovery of the truth about her mother unveil? I'm not sure the pacing or the scope of the series is driving me to care.

    This is also the second episode in a row to take an important recurring character from the town, one of the few touchstones able to serve as the voice of the community, and remove her from the equation. We have less and less insight into the mindset of the residents of Haven, and I maintain that this is a bad thing. There aren't enough consistent perspectives on the events in Haven to establish the kind of introductory baseline that a first season is meant to provide for the long-term.
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