Season 1 Episode 9

As You Were

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The Chief's first name is identified as Garland. Audrey and Nathan's middle names are Prudence and Thaddeus, respectively.

  • Quotes

    • Chief Wournos: I'm proud of you. When it all hit the fan, you didn't flinch. You had to shoot your own partner. You know, part of me thinks you kind of grew up a little bit today.
      Nathan: You don't know me at all, do you?
      Chief Wournos: Just trying to give you a compliment, son. Take a compliment when...
      Nathan: Think I can grow up, be like you? I'm not like you, okay? I don't want to be like you.

    • Chief Wournos: Nice job there, Parker.
      Audrey: Wow, is that a compliment? You think it would, you know, kill you to lay one of those on Nathan every once in a while?
      Chief Wournos: The Troubles are back. Getting all warm and fuzzy with Nathan is not exactly going to do him any favors.
      Audrey: He's pretty tough.
      Chief Wournos: He's going to have to be tough as nails in order to deal with that on his own. Otherwise, it'll eat him alive.
      Audrey: Still, that doesn't mean you can't be friendly.
      Chief Wournos: Now, friendship, that's a burden. I don't want to be a burden.

    • Audrey: Hey, why didn't you pick Nathan for your team?
      Chief Wournos: Well, I thought the ladies needed a little protection.
      Audrey: That and you couldn't stand to talk to your son for more than five minutes?
      Chief Wournos: Well, okay, that too.

    • Nathan: It sucks. You know, you were asking about Jess before. It sucks. But I appreciate you asking.
      Audrey: Yeah, that's what friends do.

    • Audrey: Is this about the Troubles?
      Duke: Buddha says all good things come to those who wait.
      Audrey: Yeah, does Buddha also say, "Drink, smuggle, and always look out for Number One"?
      Duke: I'm a reformed Buddhist.

    • Duke: Are you crying?
      Audrey: No.
      Duke: Crying will not be tolerated today.
      Audrey: Shut up! I am so armed.

    • Audrey: I was worried about you after Jessie.
      Nathan: Oh, I'm fine, I'm good. Drink Jack out of the bottle, listen to Patsy Cline, you know. It's a man thing.

    • Vince: Hey, if they still have bunk beds, I get dibs on the bottom.
      David: No fair. You always call dibs.
      Vince: That's 'cause I'm older. But I'm faster.
      David: And you're short.

    • Audrey: My favorite singer is Ray Charles.
      Chief Wournos: Ray Charles?
      Audrey: Okay, fine, I lied, it's Justin Timberlake.

    • Eleanor: You're not gonna die. Stop talking like that. We're with you.
      Julia: No offense, Mom, but that's not real comforting. For all I know, right now you could be a hell beast from the seventh circle, waiting for me to turn my back so you can rip off my face and wear it around town like it's a Halloween mask.

    • Duke: I'm going to go last.
      Nathan: Huh? Why does he get to go last?
      Duke: Because he... has the axe.

    • Chief Wournos: Look, I tied my son to a chair. Accused him of being a murderer. I'm sick of letting this thing play with my head.
      Eleanor: Well, if we crucified ourselves every time we screwed up as parents, there'd be no more parents in the world.
      Chief Wournos: I could have actually killed him.
      Eleanor: Garland, I dropped Julia on her head when she was six months old. Twice.
      Chief Wournos: Well, thanks.

    • Audrey: (to Nathan) Are you crying? 'Cause crying will not be tolerated.

    • Nathan: What's your middle name?
      Audrey: My middle name? Really? It's Prudence. Self-inflicted at my confirmation. And yours?
      Nathan: Thaddeus.
      Audrey: Thaddeus. Thaddeus.
      Nathan: Inflicted by the Chief.
      Audrey: He is a bad man.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: December 1, 2010 on Universal Channel
      UK: December 2, 2010 on Syfy
      Latin America: December 10, 2010 on SyFy Channel
      Finland: December 20, 2012 on YLE TV2

    • Injoke: Vince's gift, the novel Misery Unchained, and his reference to the author who lost his foot, is a nod to Stephen King's novel Misery. In the novel, author Paul Sheldon loses his foot to his "number one fan," Annie, when she learns that he plans to kill off Misery, the heroine of his romance novels.

  • Allusions

    • Chief: So let's put the Hardy Boys with the Bickersons.
      Referencing the well-known boy's mystery series penned by several writers under the pen name of Franklin W. Dixon, and featured in at least five different TV incarnations. The Hardy Boys are the brothers Frank and Joe, typically amateur detectives who solve crimes and help out their father. The Bickersons was a NBC radio series that later became a television series that ran briefly in 1951 on CBS. John and Blanche Bickerson couldn't stand each other, and spent most of their time constantly insulting each other.

    • Audrey: The whole room that's about to go Lord of the Flies on your ass.
      Referencing the novel by William Golding about a group of young boys stranded on a desert island and forced to fend for themselves as they descend into savagery.