Season 2 Episode 6

Audrey Parker's Day Off

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Ths is a great one

    I just love these episodes were everything repetas, its ofcourse well pulled off by the producers.
  • NOT a "rip off of Groundhog Day!"

    NB: This episode was NOT a "rip off of Groundhog

    Think about it. Haven as a series is all about Sarah Vernon/Lucy Ripley/Audrey Parker involuntarily reincarnated and repeatedly "airdropped" into Haven so she can save its inhabitants.

    The episode arc for "Audrey Parker's Day Off" was merely a scaled-down, microcosmic version of the series arc for "Haven" as a whole.

    Therefore, it was clearly NOT a "rip off of Groundhog Day!"

    The episode title "Audrey Parker's Day Off" was ironic. Parker doesn't get any days off.
  • The best episode so far

    I think this was the best episode of Haven so far. And it didn't bother me that they used pretty worn out idea of Groundhog's Day. Still it was presented in an interesting way which seemed to be way off from the regular Haven not-entirely-completed stories. My judgment about the Haven series is still rather harsh but this episode is a very nice detour. I hope it stays that way so I could change my mind in overall.
  • What could easily been the cliché Groundhog's Day episode, instead is a strong character study of the gift and curse of Audrey's immunity.


    I enjoy Haven immensely but this episode really struck me as being different. It wasn't so much about Audrey herself as it was about her Trouble. It's obvious by now that Audrey's presence in Haven is essential – it's no coincidence that she ended up in Haven, whether by design, the supernatural or a combination of the two.

    What strikes me more and more as we progress into season 2 is the first response of the viewer to a crisis is often that the 'best' way to deal with a Troubled person is to kill them. That sounds heartless, I know, but with many of these people, not only is their power immensely dangerous but completely out of their control. Yet Audrey provides the balance – either her immunity allows her to see the truth of a situation or her empathy allows her to understand the Troubled in a way no other person in Haven is able to. She defuses situations with such grace but always does it in such a way that it feels like that Trouble won't occur again.

    Without being overly dramatic, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Haven would self destruct without her pacifying presence. Which is why this episode really impressed me – it explored the aspects of Audrey's gift but for really the first time, showed that there can be a very negative (from Audrey's standpoint) side to it too: namely that she can sometimes be the only person that can carry the burden of being practically responsible for 'keeping the peace'.

    Another aspect that impressed me was the subtle overview of her relationships with the men in her life – it wasn't overblown or showy, yet managed to capture the essence of each. For example, note the different reactions to when Duke and Nathan are killed – with Duke, her distress originates from her being responsible for his death; with Nathan, it's pure grief at his loss. And from a totally girly point of view, Nathan's puppy dog pining is just utterly adorable!

    For an episode that used a cliché – the time loop has been used a few times now, Supernatural and X-Files being examples – the episode's focus wasn't on the events at all but on the character of Audrey, something I didn't anticipate. I find myself very impressed by the writing of the episode – subtly done yet it got you into Audrey's head and heart, and has given us a very clear perception of both her unique Trouble and her current relationships. In a sequence of great mythos episodes, this one proved to be a very enjoyable characterization episode.

  • Audrey Parker's Day Off


    Audrey Parker's Day Off was a great episode and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story and there were great pop culture references and the troubled individual had an interesting condition. Audrey had to relive the same day over and over and saw how each decision leads to a different yet similar out come. There was a lot of growth and development in this episode. Over all it was entertaining to see Audrey solve the mystery of what was going on. The ending scene was intense and I look forward to finding out what will happen next in Haven!!!!!

  • 206


    Yes, there are a lot of movies that have had this premise, but you know what? It worked on Haven tonight as we saw the protagonist try and save a girl and then two of her friends and then her boyfriend from an accident, going back in time many times. Not the most original premise, but there is one thing I have been pleading with the show to do as of late and that is to give us a story that is interesting from start to finish. The conclusion was a little lame tonight, but color me interested for most of tonight's show. This was definitely one of Haven's best episodes thus far.

  • Audrey goes through recurring episodes of waking up, fruitlessly trying to prevent a death, and then starting all over again until solving the actual problem.


    I rated this episode a seven. I guess I just don't get into the Groundhog theme too well although I liked that movie. It was well acted out and an interesting plot line but I suppose I started getting burned out on the routine. That Audrey finally figured out which character was responsible for the troubles causing her recurring nightmarish interludes made for some interesting investigations. Audrey and Chris's very fast paced intimacy kind of throws Duke a left hook and plays out rather humorously. Nathan is his usual self but we do see a bit of jealousy when he sees Chris hanging out with Audrey, might be about time for him to let her know his intentions better. So with these new developments it did flesh out the characters in the series a bit more and also appears to have ended the relationship with Chris at the end.

  • I loved this spooky re-do & mixture of the movies Groundhog Day and Next. What I didn't like n this episode is the same as what I didn't like in last week's episode: The addition of Jason Priestly. Btwn Duke & Nathan we girls have all the testos. needed


    This was an outstanding episode that used as it's base the movies Groundhog Day (time loop) & Next (the future changes when u get a look at it, but not always for the good). Audrey is the only 1 who is aware of what's occurring because of her immunity to Haven's troubles. In trying to prevent the tragic death of a child, she experiences the loss of Duke, Nathan & her new romantic interest in consecutive loops, & then the day resets.

    I appreciate what the show is trying 2 do in adding Jason Priestly to its already outstanding cast-delay a showdown between Duke & Nathan over Audrey, or maybe producers don't see Audrey & either original male character as a viable romance, but Priestly has been n other sci-fi series (Tru Calling), and failed to add anything of substance:(It quickly folded after his addition). From a female sci-fi geek's p.o.v, Nathan & Duke add all the testosterone needed *hot flash* Priestly would be fine as an OCCASIONALLY recurring star, but anything more puts the whole male-female ratio out of balance, & puts Audrey in the uncomfortable position of looking less like a serious heroine & more like a piece of meat 4 the boys.

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