Season 2 Episode 6

Audrey Parker's Day Off

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2011 on Syfy

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  • What could easily been the cliché Groundhog's Day episode, instead is a strong character study of the gift and curse of Audrey's immunity.


    I enjoy Haven immensely but this episode really struck me as being different. It wasn't so much about Audrey herself as it was about her Trouble. It's obvious by now that Audrey's presence in Haven is essential – it's no coincidence that she ended up in Haven, whether by design, the supernatural or a combination of the two.

    What strikes me more and more as we progress into season 2 is the first response of the viewer to a crisis is often that the 'best' way to deal with a Troubled person is to kill them. That sounds heartless, I know, but with many of these people, not only is their power immensely dangerous but completely out of their control. Yet Audrey provides the balance – either her immunity allows her to see the truth of a situation or her empathy allows her to understand the Troubled in a way no other person in Haven is able to. She defuses situations with such grace but always does it in such a way that it feels like that Trouble won't occur again.

    Without being overly dramatic, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Haven would self destruct without her pacifying presence. Which is why this episode really impressed me – it explored the aspects of Audrey's gift but for really the first time, showed that there can be a very negative (from Audrey's standpoint) side to it too: namely that she can sometimes be the only person that can carry the burden of being practically responsible for 'keeping the peace'.

    Another aspect that impressed me was the subtle overview of her relationships with the men in her life – it wasn't overblown or showy, yet managed to capture the essence of each. For example, note the different reactions to when Duke and Nathan are killed – with Duke, her distress originates from her being responsible for his death; with Nathan, it's pure grief at his loss. And from a totally girly point of view, Nathan's puppy dog pining is just utterly adorable!

    For an episode that used a cliché – the time loop has been used a few times now, Supernatural and X-Files being examples – the episode's focus wasn't on the events at all but on the character of Audrey, something I didn't anticipate. I find myself very impressed by the writing of the episode – subtly done yet it got you into Audrey's head and heart, and has given us a very clear perception of both her unique Trouble and her current relationships. In a sequence of great mythos episodes, this one proved to be a very enjoyable characterization episode.