Season 4 Episode 3

Bad Blood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Bad Blood

    Solid enough episode, but I cannot say I love the new direction of this show. We'll see how things play out, but I think Haven is losing some of the momentum it had last season.
  • The Blob

    In this episode, one of the troubled cuts himself shaving and his blood runs down the drain into the sewer. It forms a blob type creature who hunts for Nathan, killing anyone in it's path and draining their blood. Yeah, OK.
  • Will she realise who she is?

    That one guy at the bar keep convincing Lexie about who she really is,I hope she'll understand who she really just sucks that we will never have the real Audrey convinced that her memories will come back but will we ever have Audrey back?Still searching for Audrey,Nathan also works on a few cases around Haven,to make it interesting for the feels like they're building up to the moment that Audrey will return back to Haven.
  • Still Marking Time

    Much like the previous episode, this felt like the writers moving the story incrementally closer to Audrey/Lexie's return to Haven, while filling the rest of the time with a "Trouble of the Week" episode. Granted, it reintroduced Duke's "gift" to anyone who may have forgotten how it worked, and it continued to explore the psychological fallout of the continuance of the Troubles (and the meteor shower), but it still felt like the series was marking time until it could really let loose.

    Thankfully, there are indications that this is all coming to a head (no pun intended) within the next episode or so, which might bring this slow start of the season to a close and get things moving a bit more. I don't necessarily mind that the series is being consistent, given how that was a problem in the third season, but consistently average isn't what the show needs as the onslaught of the fall season fills up DVRs with lots of competition.
  • Old Haven is back!


    I was a bit worried after last week's episode. Nothing happened, and the case of the week was lame. I thought maybe Haven was going to fill in the whole season with that type of episodes and well, I didn't like that thought. But this week's episode was just 100% cool Haven!

    The case of the week was ridiculous as usual, but a lot more creative than last week's episode. There is always something psychological about the troubles. And the cases usually get solved by resolving the personal drama of the person that launch them out there. In this case, there was no way to stop it that way, which was a nice change! And allowed us to see Duke in action once more.

    The main part of the story was Lexie at the bar, that turned out to be Audrey at the Barn. They led us to believe that Audrey was perhaps dead, since the two brother from the newspaper went to a nearby town to check if a dead woman found frozen over there could have been Audrey. What an idea, really, to send those guys there. Like anyone can trust them! But well, she wasn't Audrey, and now we just have to figure out how to get her out of the barn before it finish off exploding (or imploding, I'm a bit out of clue here).

    Luckily Jennifer is out of the medication and hearing what's going on with Audrey again! I found that very funny that she though she was hearing the bar downstairs when actually it was Lexie's bar that she was hearing. Who didn't experience something similar before? and hey, I still remember we talked in here about the possibility of Lexie's bar being the Gray Gull or not. It wasn't, but it sounded just like it! I wonder what would be Jennifer's role in the show once the barn is destroyed.

    I hope the season will continue in this note!

    This was an 8/10 episode for me.
  • Well, Audrey is on the way

    Waiting to see more of Audrey in Haven .... its getting better !
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