Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Things about this episode seem a bit, well, Troubled...

    Yeah, terrible title... I know... but I figured, "Why not?" :)

    Anyway.. the writing for this episode seemed to be of a much lower caliber than what we've typically seen from this show. In the scene where Ginger escapes the "guard" who snatched her, she tells him she hates his guts and runs away; the guard then takes a knife and stabs himself saying, "I hate my guts". Really? That's how it goes?

    In that same scene, Nathan's guard-girlfriend is pulling up in her vehicle and doesn't get out until Ginger's practically around the corner and quite some distance away. Apparently, that Ginger kid has some really great vision as well as situational awareness, because she was able to give a decent description of her even to the point of noticing she had black gloves on. Sure, one could just assume that maybe she looked back and watched while hiding around the corner, but I sort of want to go with either weak writing or a really varied Trouble.

    There were other scenes and dialogue where I just had to skip ahead, just because I knew there wasn't much to be offered, especially when it came to scenes with the kid. it kinda surprised me because Haven has had kid actors before and typically they were believable and relatively talented. this one though seems to have missed the mark a bit. But obviously that's simply an opinion.

    Lastly, various elements of this episode (as well as currently seeing the titles of upcoming ones) lead me to the thought that this is the final season and the cast and crew are pressed for time, so they likely need to rush through certain parts in order to bring the story to a conclusion by the end of the season. That would certainly explain a lot when it comes to this one.