Season 2 Episode 11

Business As Usual

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on Syfy

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  • revealing

    This episode reveals a lot of what i have been asking myself throughtout the series. Wathing it again, makes me see things i missed the first time.
  • Best episode of the season!!


    This episode answered a few questions, but opened up almost a dozen more.

    This is what I love in a drama, sci-fi show, puzzles, making me think long after the episode is over.

    The reveals about "Audrey Parker's" past, the ongoing mystery of Haven, that is revealed in drips and drops here and there is priceless.

    Just when you think you know a character (the background ones), you realize they have their own agenda, and don't know who is on whose side and what it all means.


    Crockett supposed to kill Audrey?? Great way to finish the episode. Audrey's memory erased. So she doesn't age, she's immune to the troubled and she seems to take on people's memories..who is she?? or what..

  • 211


    The penultimate episode of the season, but it probably ended up being one of the best ever. Few shows have long-running arcs these days so we can appreciate the slow build toward Audrey finally meeting Lucy. Now, while the meeting itself was good, the actual content contained a bunch of over the top sci-fi nonsense that left us questioning where the show was headed. Good episode sure, and it got us excited for the finale, but it surprised me with where the show is actually going.

  • Business As Usual


    Business As Usual was a great episode and I really enjoyed watching it because there was a lot of character and plot development though it didn't quite feel like enough. The story seemed to be a bit scattered but still easy enough to follow. Audrey meets the real Lucy and finds out some truths. Duke was on a mission of his own to find something his father left behind, and it was full of surprises! There is so much mystery going on and I look forward to finding out how it all unravels. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!

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