Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Still great

    I just love these first episodes. Great acting and very good writing. Incredible show.
  • Ridiculous and not convincing

    I always perceived things labeled with Stephen King's name as scary. "Haven" is not scary at all. It is more and more ridiculous and becomes a midday show for teens. FBI Agent and PD cop are waving guns on a butterfly? This show barely stayed next to "The X-Files" to which it is compared. Acting is rather weak and not convincing, special effects are artificial. I wonder what have happened in the next 11 episodes what made the show to be renewed for the second season. Many shows which were better didn't make it...
  • Another excellent offering.

    I think the problem here is that some reviewers are too used to shows that deliver the punchline in the first few episodes because they're so scared of cancellation.

    Thankfully Haven is bucking that trend; they are opting for a slow build up. Great for viewers like me who remember how well that worked for shows such as the first season of the 'X-Files' and also current shows like 'Fringe', but not so good for the younger people used to instant gratification with tv and who don't like waiting to see what happens.

    Hopefully the writers won't bow to the pressure to make Haven move along more quickly. It would ruin a very intelligent show that's aimed at people who want to think things through rather than have the answers handed to them on a plate.

    This episode was a classic case in point - it made you think right up to the end. Stephen McHattie was excellent as he always is and I'd like to see more of his creepy character in the future.
  • A vast improvement on the pilot

    Amazing how quickly a series can find its footing. I trashed the pilot for "Haven" on just about every level, and had very few hopes for the series as a whole. But as I've come to the conclusion that Syfy shows rarely put their best foot forward in their pilots, I wanted to give "Haven" a chance. And I'm glad I did.

    This episode presents a much darker show than the pilot suggested, and a far more interesting one. The premise behind the unusual nature of the town of Haven that was all but missing from the pilot has now been firmly established. The reason why there weren't more strange and unusual characters running around town in the pilot has now been given. Even the chemistry between Parker and Wournos has dramatically improved, now that his character has been given some darker shadings.

    More than that, the introduction of Reverend Driscoll brings an interesting layer to the story. While his extreme religious fervor is a bit of a cliché, it does hew fairly close to classic Stephen King territory. And combined with the apparent cyclic emergence of individuals with strange and dangerous abilities, it speaks to a long history of war between those "afflicted" and those who see them as pawns of the devil.

    If nothing else, I wonder if perhaps this should have been the event that was covered in the pilot. It does more to justify the unique nature of the town and its troubled history more than any amount of exposition in the first hour, and the overly-flippant introduction of Agent Parker is mitigated by her more serious demeanor during this crisis.

    The question is: will the series continue to build on the strengths of this episode, or will it slip back into the abyss of the pilot? I'm a lot more interested in knowing the answer to that question now than I was a week ago.
  • Boring, boring and boring again. A sleeping pill: no suspense, no mistery, no surprise. Bad script. Decent acting.

    Boring, boring and boring again. A viewer compared episode 1 to X-Files, I felt that it was too much praise for Haven, but preferred to wait and see. Episode 2 is just a sleeping pill: no suspense, no mistery, no surprise. Bad script. Decent acting. The stupidity of the situation is just unbelievable. If things like those shown in this series happened, a normal FBI agent would report them. We would see hundreds of scientists examining the phenomena. If not hundreds, at least some open-minded ones, like Fringe's Dr Bishop. In episode 2 the FBI agent and policeman agree that things are strange, but do not do anything about it. The police chief opens originally taped file box just to find it empty, but does not care about it at all, altough it used to be the most important case in his life. FBI agent does not ask any questions about the empty box. Episode 2 was so boring and the actions so foreseeable that I think I may stop watching this show.
  • It is best when you cannot anticipate the final... as in this case

    The resolution is similar to the pilot. It can give more. I hope more. It is best when you cannot anticipate the final... as in this case.
    What I liked is that the case remained similar parameters to the pilot. Discarding the suspects will, until it is "the least thought."
    Impossible not to compare with The X Files. Still has a long way to bring the quality. And more to be a cult series.
    Still remains to be seen how the plot of the missing mother. And why is there someone or some people who want to stay there.
    Still, I keep giving a vote of confidence.
  • Butterfly

    I have waited a long time for another Stephen King TV series, but this has been very disappointing. It just feels so forced at times and is not sure of its identity. Is it a cop show? Is it episodic TV? Is it about the mysterious woman?

    Syfy just cannot produce a good drama. TNT, AMC and USA Network are all cable networks who have found their niche audience and created good shows for them, but what audience is Haven for? Certainly not Stephen King fans, because I like his work and dislike this show.

    Sorry Syfy, this probably is the last time I tune into this rubbish.
  • What show did the previous reviews watch?

    Yes, it wasn't probably the best plot or the best case but it was paranormal after all and I think that the episode is saved by several scenes specially the last ones.

    The Reverend tells Nathan something that might be addressed in the next episodes: He is a lonely man. Is it because of his condition? Does his condition have something to do with the paranormal cases going on there? We'll have to wait and see.

    I enjoyed the last scene because it is when Audrey and Nathan have something to confess to each other and probably realize they might need each other's help.

    I wonder what kind of agenda Audrey's boss has. As well as Nathan's father, who didn't even jump when the Colorado Kid's evidence box was empty.