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Friday 7:00 PM on Syfy (Returning September 2015)

So apparently shooting Howard wasn't a good idea. Who'd have thunk it? And so on goes another season of Haven.

For reasons unexplained, Duke jumps forward six months in time and finds himself in an aquarium for some reason. It's not clear why. This seems to have been arranged by the Powers That Barn to put him in the path of Jennifer Mason, a Troubled (apparently), who has the oddly specific ability to hear people talking in the Barn. So... it only kicks in once every 27 years?

Anyhoo, Duke soon gets caught up to speed, finds Nathan, who is blaming himself for a) Audrey's death, and b) the Troubles not going away because he shot Agent Howard, which disrupted the whole wacky cycle. Maybe Howard should have mentioned his being killed disrupts the cycle: would have spared him a bullet.

Anyhoo, the Guard aren't happy with Nathan, Nathan isn't happy with Nathan, Dwight (the new sheriff) seems glad to have Nathan back because he's in over his head, and the Teagues are their usual enigmatic selves. Since we've got 12 more episodes to go, everybody sets aside their differences pretty quick and Nathan is soon temping for Audrey, helping out Dwight to deal with the weather wizardess Marion from episode one (Nicole Deboer, who was probably glad for the work, cheeks and all).

Marion soon resolves her problems when Nathan helps her realize that she has to let hold of the past (personal significance!), and Nathan decides to help Haven out while looking for Audrey, so she can kill him, so she can end the Troubles for good.

Meanwhile, Audrey is moonlighting as an amnesiac bartender named Lexie in an unspecified Texas-ish bar and steakhouse. The mysterious William comes in, chats her up, tries to lure her to his apartment, and takes out some guy trying to kill her because he knows who Audrey/Sarah/Lucy/Lexie really is. That part of the plot ends with a eureka moment *heh* when William tells her that people will die if she doesn't remember who she is.

Oh, and Duke's older brother Wade shows up and has taken over the Grey Gull.

Overall, the season 4 premiere set up the pieces for the rest of the season. Audrey will be back... sometime, the Troubles are still around, Nathan and Duke are kind of in charge of handling them, while dealing with their respective issue with ex-lover Jordan and new old-brother Wade, respectively.

Emma Lahana was amusingly quirky as Jennifer, being dosed for schizophrenia for the voices in her head. Adam Copeland (don't forget - he's WWE Superstar Edge!) continues to impress. The regulars were as good as always. Colin Ferguson seemed to be trying a bit too hard, but oh well.

For some reason, Harlan Ellison got a big callout in the opening bookshop scene.

So I'm calling it at a nice even 7. But hey, that's just my opinion. What do you think?
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