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Syfy (ended 2015)
We can finally breathe a sigh of relief Troublemakers! Haven was renewed for a 26 episode 5th season by SyFy. That's right, you aren't seeing things. 26 episodes instead of the usual 13. The first 13 episodes premiere this fall and the rest will air in 2015.

I squealed with excitement and scared my dogs when I read the news. Double the troubles, more mysteries, more ANSWERS, and more romance for all the shippers out there. SyFy really left us hanging there for awhile. I was worried Haven would end on that nail biting cliffhanger without any resolution.

We don't need to send gallons of pancake mix to SyFy anymore. Or threaten boycotts. All is forgiven SyFy. We love you!

Source: TVbyTheNumbers
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