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Hello Haven fans! I know you exist because you pretty much trounced the competition in our Best of 2013 votestravaganza, ensuring that your fave Syfy drama took home the top honor of Best Overall Series. So how are you this afternoon? I hope you've gotten plenty of rest since the polls closed, because you're going to need a lot of energy to celebrate the news I have for you today: Syfy has (finally) renewed Haven for Season 5!

But wait, that's not all! Get ready for double the Troubles, because instead of going with a standard 13-episode run, Syfy has expanded Haven's episode order to a whopping 26 episodes. 

According to the network, the fourth season of the fan-favorite series—which concluded with a cliffhanger in December, leaving many viewers anxious to know the show's fate—was up 11 percent among adults 18-34, and averaged 2.3 million viewers a week in its Friday-night time slot, which likely explains the decision to go with a supersized Season 5. The first 13 episodes are slated to begin production this spring and will air this fall; the remaining 13 will air in 2015. 



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Season 5 : Episode 26

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