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"How to open the door"

Finally, our protagonist is back. However, she's not Audrey - she's still Lexie. She doesn't remember anything. I have no doubt that in time she will regain her memories or at least some of them.

On the plus side - the new hairdo! Emily Rose looks so much better in a ponytail!!! Yay!!

I'm SO glad the bar(n) plot is over. Phew!!!

I don't like horrors about missing children (they really freak me out in a bad way) so that's probably why I didn't like "The Trouble of the Week". The last week's killer blood was way better.

Can Duke and Jennifer do it already?! Jennifer needs to release her sexual tension ASAP. Otherwise I fear she will self-combust. And since I really like her - I don't want her to die.

Poor Jordan :( Since Audrey doesn't remember a thing - Jordan's not going to get laid any time soon :(

What was Dave talking about? Any ideas?

Will we ever see William again?

So what will Nathan do now?

What's in store for Audrey?

I give "Lost and Found" a 7 out of 10. I liked the previous episode better.
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