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How many gas leaks does a small fishing village have to have before they get new pipes?

Finally! An episode like this is why you put up with the episodes that are, although still better than 70% of what's on TV (hence a 7 rating :) ), not really clicking on all gears compared to what has been in the past.

So where does credit go? First to newcomer writer Nick Parker and director Mairzee Almas. Parker has been script coordinating since Season 3, but this was his first episode authored. Put him on more. (It looks like he did the After the Storm 16-page graphic novel that is... in the Third Season DVD?). He took a concept that they beat to death over on Supernatural (Ghostfacers!) and spent just enough time on it here, while incorporating it into the overall story arc. as best as was possible. We got some sly metahumor (see the quote at the top), and more focus on the secondary characters.

And we got payoff on the book from the first episode, that we've seen a time or two since.

Mairzee Almas is one of those Canadian directors and first assistant directors that does a lot of stuff. She managed to keep the director stuff working despite the inherent "found footage" style. Again, we didn't get overdosed with it. She did about as well as possible with scenes that involve people scrambling around in minimal-lighting sets.

One thing Mr. Parker seems to have realized is that any episode with Emma, Dwight, and/or Gloria, can't fail. Last week's had none of them.

Spinoff series with these two - stat!

Gloria was in fine form, and presumably prefers the British Sherlock to the American Elementary. Emma seemed like a bit more than just "Duke's love interest", and Dwight... well, trusting Adam Copeland to carry scenes is the best thing that the producers can do. They let him share time with Gloria, and talk with Seth about Seth's interest in Haven. And we got a mini-arc of Seth going from "Bigfoot" to "Dwight" with everyone's favorite Chief of Police.

And of course no episode would be complete without Mr. Copeland bringing out his wrestling face...

Five second pose!

Which brings us to Kris Lemche, who really carried the episode. Apparently "Hyde" on That 70s Show trumps God on Joan of Arcadia when it comes to handing out Special Guest Star credits. Which is odd, since Danny Masterson's character didn't really have a lot to do here.

Anyhoo, it's nice to be reminded that a world exists outside of Haven, and that Seth had ties to Haven and the Troubles. Most of the show this year seems awfully insular. Seth got a mini-arc going from obsessed truth seeker to befriending Dwight and finding out what Haven is really like, and overcoming his childhood fear.

Although I must admit that when I first saw Kris Lemche...

...the thought that crossed my mind was that a younger thinner version of James Roday traveled forward in time to star in the episode.

*sigh* So comes the parts I wasn't so happy with. There were still a few bits that seemed rushed. Like Duke and Nathan wondering what the connection was between the victims, and one second later Dwight coming in and telling them, based on something Jemma said that he couldn't have heard. Although I suppose that demonstrates who the real deductive genius is among the three of them.

Also, the timeline seems a little funny to me. Duke says that he and Jennifer just celebrated Jennifer's birthday, June 12. So this episode must be in summer. So the season 3 finale, that took place six months ago (give or take a month) took place in winter? Are Maine/Nova Scotian winters that mild?

Apparently they didn't want to pay Colin Ferguson for a five-second appearance this week. His IV bags were impressive, though.

But his scheme this week seems kinda of confusing. Why didn't he kill Jennifer before now? And why go about it so indirectly? He kills three people that share Jennifer's birthday, in an attempt to kill Jennifer. He was sending his Black Grapes of Wrath into specific people's ears a couple of episodes ago, but now they can't hunt down the one woman he wants dead. That seems kind of nonsensical.

It almost seemed that they had a script worked out before they knew about the William storyarc, and then changed the rougarou to suit the overall plot. :)

So overall, I'd give this a.... well, I'm not going to say, since that seemed to bother some people last time. Res ipsa loquitur.

Anyhoo, that's just my opinion, but I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Dwight uttered the best line(s) in this episode when he was talking about where the guy uploaded the files to the cloud server.

Dwight : "... he'd slip up and let us know where they are uploading the footage. I can have Jennifer digging through those files by the time we get to the station."
Nathan : "Jennifer can do that?"
Dwight : "As far as I can tell, everyone younger then me can do that"

That said, we never actually see Jennifer do it. And I'm not sure she could based on what little they find out from Seth.

If she's any kind of hacker, she would have figured they'd do that anyway.
Oh my gosh...

"...the thought that crossed my mind was that a younger thinner version of James Roday traveled forward in time to star in the episode."

I thought I was the only one to think that.... I was thinking ... Oh...look.. it is 20 something Shawn Spencer, come to hassle his TV persona older brother, Duke. LOL.
As far as the timeline, if her birthday was June 12th, minus 6-7 months (since the show has been back for a bit and Jennifer's birthday was recently celebrated) that puts the season three finale occurring around November - and since towards the end of Season 3 in the episode with the kids that ate people in the woods they discussed how cold it gets at night and how important it was to find them quick etc. the timeline seems right. Also it doesn't normally snow here in Maine until end of November, early December. We've yet to get measurable snow (where I am, any snow other than brief flurries) outside of the mountains. They're on the coast so they're less likely to get snow early, so this also lends to the timeline actually working well.
The way I see it, William needed a specific "chosen one" dead, he just didn't know who that was. It was mentioned earlier that Howard brought her to the orphanage or something.

So William knew what he did and when but didn't know her identity so he basically killed every single other suspect that could be the one he seeks.

This is basically the terminator going around killing anyone named "Sarah Connor" in the phone book.

As for the rest of the episode... Did I mention how much I hate the stupid evil William plot? It makes absolutely no sense.

Howard clearly meant to take Audrey into 28 more years in the barn, but now we're being told that he was actually forseeing his death by Nathan and he set up a whole other backup plan with Jennifer?

And for the love of... Why did William bother using the Rugaru or whatever to kill all those people instead of a simple gun?
That's unpredictable and draws far too much attention.

And just to see if I understand Audrey's completely lack of logic, she doesn't want Duke or Nathan to find out what William told her but flat out tells it to the geezer who is head of the guard?!?!?!?!? (Why on earth can't I remember his name?)

It had a promising start this season, but they are once again throwing too many questions and not enough answers and while I have absolutely no problem with the random trouble of the week metaphors, the ones from this season are just flat out boring.

And because I have to keep asking this each and every week

What the heck happened to James and Arla?
I think that Howard foresaw the possibility of someone killing him, and took precautions. Because that's what backup plans are for. :)
Except William presumably knew that Jennifer was connected to Duke. Go after the person with the target birthdate that your enemies are keeping close and/or interacting with.
But I did he know who she was and when was she born? I thought he found out only after breaking into the Herald's records
The heavy who Jennifer was interrogating in "William" knows that Jennifer was called in by the police to do interrogations. Because... she was the one who interrogated him.

I suppose you could create a scenario where the heavy didn't tell the guy he works for. Or that William somehow had that information, but was just blindly sending his Grapes of Wrath out with a "Hunt for anyone born on June 12" command, but no idea who they would actually seek out. But it seems a little stretched.
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