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Friday 7:00 PM on Syfy
I survived this episode, and all I got was a t-shirt.

If ever there was an average episode of Haven, this would be it. If last week's episode took apart the show and put it back together with the new elements (Lexie/Audrey, Nathan having to die, Jennifer and William and Wade all doing stuff), this would be the episode which showed us what the new picture looked like.

It's hard to describe this episode. Things happened, and they were well-acted things. But nothing much of consequence happened, except that it told us what the things of consequence that happened last week meant. The Guard doesn't want Wade in town, which we could have figured. Jordan wants Nathan dead, which she pretty much implied last week. William convinced Audrey to let him tell her about herself (anyone wonder if the two guys were working for him?).

Jennifer decided to give up her meds, which I'm not sure anyone in the show or watching really cared about that much. And she decided to help in the search for Audrey, but we already figured that she was doing that, right?

The Trouble of the week was pretty straightforward. Hopefully we can now move beyond "Nathan knows what the Troubled person is going through because it relates to his own screwed-up life" now. We get that plot point. Thanks. Moving on.

Dr. Lucassi is back! I wish they'd give him a little more personality. This is Christopher Shore's... ninth appearance.

It advanced the plot a very little bit (Jordan is challenging Vince's leadership, Audrey is going to find out who she is, the Guard is going after wade). But overall, this seemed kind of a filler.

So I'd give it a 7. But that's just my opinion--I could be wrong. What do you think?
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