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No, I don't think you do, Detective Wor-or-Nose.

Now that is an episode. IMO the first one that really has risen to the show's usual levels. We had playful banter, the Nathan/Audrey partnership with a twist or two, less of Nathan's constant whining, a little less of Jordan's constant whining, a pretty blunt but still interesting Trouble of the Week, and a couple of decent plot twists.

The main thing was Emily Rose's performance, where she got to cut loose as Lexie. It also let the writer Brian Millikin engage in some meta-joking. Included were the pronunciation of Nathan's last name, the curiosity about why anyone would live in Haven, and the suspicion that maybe all of the Troubles are caused by Audrey's Trouble. At least I've wondered if that was the case for a while.

The ending wasn't entirely surprising, but still pleasant. And I didn't anticipate how Lexie would finish off the Troubled person of the week. Although... that seems kind of hardcore. Yeah, they couldn't negotiate with Tyler, and he had nothing to lose. But Lexie/Audrey basically set him up to kill himself. I don't recall her so deliberately murdering a Troubled person in the past. But it seems like they're going to sluff this off.

We got the anticipated Duke/Jennifer relationship. Hopefully they'll have her Troubled ability manifest in some other way. Otherwise, as she noted, she's basically "cured" and is basically just there as Duke's love interest.

Emma Lahana is okay at any rate. At least her character doesn't whine like Jordan. Or is so wooden she could float, like Wade. Putting two null forces like Jordan and Wade together should theoretically cause some kind of gravitational implosion, shouldn't it?

Dwight got kind of backburnered this week. I'm not sure I like him taking orders from Vince, to the point where he drops a case and lets Nathan and Lexie handle it. I'm also not entirely happy with Vince flipping back and forth from heartbroken wreck (visiting Audrey's supposed corpse in the morgue), to vicious guy threatening to kill people (his warning to Duke tonight).

What is it with Kirsty Hinchcliffe? Is she married to someone on the staff? Okay, yes, Officer Rafferty is a tolerable character. But she doesn't really have the raw animal magnetism and sex appeal of Stan the Cop. Stan's been in two episodes this season, Dr. Lucassi has been in one, and Rafferty gets... four episodes?

What is it with confusing fight scenes on TV these days? The opening bit was horrible. Jordan yells at her men to "Get Parker! Get Wournos!" And... no one gets Parker. Yeah, she doesn't try to run, but she could have. We never see how Duke got defeated. And I wonder about that one poor guard who was apparently ordered to just hang out near the trucks and clothesline anybody who runs buy. "What was that huge-ass explosion up on the hill, guys?" "Oh, nothing to worry about, Jim-Bob. You just hang out there and guard the trucks."

The Trouble of the Week was... forgettable. Nothing too bizarre, just basic body-puppetry 101. We only had three guest stars, and there was no effort to make us care about any of them.

Overall, I'm giving this an 8. At least it was a decent mystery case, and the relationship work and the plot twists boosted it above my usual average of 7.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. What do you think?
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