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I don't trust the Troubles. They are deep and dark and they take the people you love away.

And so we come the penultimate episode. Did this prepare us to wrap everything up, and set the stage for the big blowout next week?

Well, kinda. This episode seemed a bit more settled down, but the season overall has felt kind of... jumpy. The writers jump onto a plot point, play around with it for a bit, then jump over to the next. This week, the book that we found out about just one episode ago is suddenly a critical plot point and there's a hunt for the heart of Haven.

So the Trouble of the Week this week was a baby that killed people with its crying. A Trouble most parents can sympathize with.

The Baby O'Doom!

It did seem odd that the Trouble was random and had no logic to it. It wouldn't have seemed as odd if someone didn't keep telling us it was odd, but oh well. It did help to raise the stakes for the big showdown. Audrey has to find a way to save hundreds of people before the baby kills them.

And William is orchestrating the whole thing. (Parents, don't let guys walk up to your baby and slap a handprint on them.) I'm still not impressed with Ferguson's performance, or more likely the directions he's being given to act out. There are times when he's sympathetic and/or interesting, like his childlike disappointment when Audrey doesn't remember herself after her first Trouble-inducing attempt. But then there's a random burst of chaos like him punching Nathan.

Sucker punch!

Like the writers, William seems to jump around a bit. For instance, they make a big deal at the beginning about protecting Jennifer from him, but then he never seems to have any interest in going after her. Even after Jennifer leaves police protection to go to the lighthouse. I'm also not sure I buy leaving him to run free instead of arresting him. He seems to be offering information about how Audrey can counter-Trouble in return for his freedom... but why don't they lock him up after he tells her what to do and how to do it?

Speaking of which, where's Dwight? Havenites are dropping like flies, and he's nowhere to be seen. Again, they made a big deal about him being the new Chief and Nathan being a lowly peon at the beginning of the season, but they seem to have forgotten that in this episode, and several previous ones to be fair. What was the point of demoting Nathan if they were just going to put him in charge again?

But Dwight's absence does let Jayne Eastwood to step up and kick some major ass, acting-wise. I've commented before about the faceless Victims of the Week (tm), but this time they effectively gave the danger more heft by both upping the stakes, and giving us a recurring character involved with the Troubled person. In "Crush" I wasn't worried that the town was going to be destroyed on a one-off Troubled, but having Ms. Eastwood act her heart out helped make the potentially hundreds dead seem like a big thing.

Get away from my grandson or I will drink your blood!*

Jennifer didn't make much of an impression this week. Dialogue about flavor-coffee commercials didn't help. I'd like to see them going back to doing a bit more with her than just Duke's love interest. That's probably not going to happen in the one last episode of the season, though. Here's hoping she makes it to season 5.

I liked Lucas Bryant's delivery on "I'm going to put you in the ground. And it will hurt." They've finally got Nathan off of self-sacrificing suicide watch, thank goodness.

It was... interesting to see them set up Duke's loss of his Trouble a few episodes back, so that here he could be the impetus for Audrey to help him get his power back. That setup paid off pretty well, but introducing Wade basically just so Duke could kill him, to lose his Trouble, so that Audrey can restore it, still seems a little contrived.

So "Bough" didn't answer any big mysteries, but it set up the showdown for the finale going by the previews: Duke with his Trouble back, Audrey turning to the Dark Side, whoever The Four are stepping onto the spiral and sending William back with or without Audrey's help. But we'll see how it goes next week.

But of course, that's just my opinion--I could be wrong. What do you think?


* With apologies to Buckaroo Banzai.
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I sort of rolled my eyes at the Duke getting his powers back thing and the angst connected with that, I was kind of suspicious when he lost them in the first place. And now I am kind of annoyed we had that whole elaborate plot contrivance and Wade in the first place, it would probably have been just as angst ridden to have Duke struggle with falling for Jennifer even though she is a Troubled person and if she cuts herself shaving she is in danger from him and how bad Duke feels about it. Then, and I heard this from someone and it kind of makes sense, to find out that Jennifer is possibly from the same place or whatever that Audrey and William are from. We are still all going with that they are either aliens or from another dimension right?

I actually weirdly had this problem last season too, I found the penultimate episode to be so random and kind of boring but then the season finale was so friggin good. I have high hopes for next Friday.

I do hope we have a bit more of Jennifer and the Haven Herald guys, you just know that she is likely Vince's daughter or granddaughter that he might not know exists and that is probably how she is a child of ruin. Or whatever that means.

I am not entirely buying the power happy Audrey idea, I mean, at some point Original Audrey decided to say screw William and made the self sacrificing decision to enter the barn, to give up her life, and to disappear for generation. That doesn't seem to be the decision of a person who was partners with William, which right this instant makes me sort of wonder if William's Audrey perhaps wasn't the first either....
I tend to figure that they're angelic/demonic beings, myself...
Interesting...who do you think Agent Howard was then?
I liked it better than the last couple of episodes.
And Evil Audrey would be a nice change.
Well, Haven was never really good at keeping track of it's many little story threads, but as long as it's at least somewhat decent at keeping the main story straight I can wait for things like James and etc, and I'm biting what I'm giving. to be solved the next season (which I by now like pray is happening. SyFy you hear me?!!!!!).
I fail to see the problem with Dwight, didn't Audrey get texts from crime scenes? I assumed it was from him. There are people dying so somebody had to go there.

Don't get me wrong, the troubled baby? Genius.
And yes, Gloria is absolutely wonderful.


This is getting beyond absurd. The first thing anyone ever thinks about when you hear about a genie giving you 3 wishes is "can I have infinite wishes?" The point is that I'm sorry but Audrey & co are too accepting of the rules before them. Whenever someone tells you the rules, you should instantly look for ways to break them.

When William first told Audrey to trouble someone, the first thing on her mind is silence trouble? No, the first thing on my mind was "Why not activate Duke or something similiar to negate troubles all together?" and my second thought was "Wait, if William could tweak troubles, as he claimed and shown with the dream girl, why can't Audrey tweak Duke so that he won't have to kill anymore?" Or form some other variation of it?
How about a time travel curse so they can stop William before he does anything? Too many possibilities here.

I mean this is slightly ranting similar to what you refered to in an earlier episode about "wish-like troubles", if Audrey has to use her imagination then she should actually come up with dozens of other ideas. Heck, she wasn't brainstorming alone she had other people helping her and plenty of time.

You know what's even dumber? Why aren't the geezers helping out? Wouldn't the other next best thing be that Audrey could do is go over all the existing known troubles and see if there's something to match it? William said troubles come in pairs, so since this wasn't a new trouble, shouldn't it have a partner already? Their silly search of "the heart of haven" is dumb consider that yes, William clearly isn't after Jennifer and they know it since they had no protection going to the lighthouse.

And I hate to keep dragging a dead horse here, but if Duke is so noble and willing to sacrifice himself, why isn't Nathan?
Shouldn't Nathan jump the gun literally and ask Audrey to kill him and maybe they could end the troubles thus saving the town?

Not saying that should actually happen, but the characters should actually try and do different things and talk about stuff that we know about. It would made more sense.

Lastly, the whole heart of haven thing is something I hate so much. It's just too much of a deus-ex-machine. Oh, there's a place and only Jennifer, who wasn't even anywhere near Haven can see and find and the whole stupid compass moving tatoo thing is just too much.
None of these things had any meaning in the past so why do they now? Especially since they are claimed to have been around for centuries?

Troubles needing to fit their owners makes sense but shouldn't that be for their original owner? I mean if Nathan can't feel (physically) because he couldn't feel (emotionally) how does that work with the troubles being passed from birthright? Are they claiming lack of emotions is a genetic thing? How is Duke being a sponge genetic?

I guess I really am going to be a broken record when I repeat this for who the 12th time this season:
What happend to James? What happened to Arla?
What happened to the Barn? How did Duke get out of the barn and why only him? Why did meteors keep hitting Haven if Audrey wouldn't go back to the barn? Why did they stop if Audrey left the barn?
Is Howard dead?

quite frankly, I am far more interested in these questions than anything with the incredibly silly William plot.
I recently came back to this show, (not gonna lie mostly because of Colin Ferguson) and ya it is a bit of a mess. Kinda in the way a show becomes a mess when the writers are not sure of the show's future. Being that it's on Syfy, god only knows if it will be cancelled in favour of some god awful made for tv movie that somehow still get's decent numbers.

But anyway to address some of your points:

1. Don't get me wrong, the troubled baby? Genius.

It's funny, I really liked the idea of a troubled baby, but have a hard time believing that this clan would continue to have children. Does it make sense to teach young children ( I think they said the trouble kicks in around 12 or 13) never to cry or maybe to try adopting instead.

2. Audrey / Troubles / Not smart.

I agree with everything you said. But I'm going to give her a small pass here, for two reasons. 1. Finding out that you are responsible for giving people the troubles and all of the pain, death and heartache that goes along with that, is probably gonna throw you off your game. This season Audrey just hasn't been as sharp and focused as usual and I think that's part of the reason. The other part is her connection to William. I think she's feeling it a lot more than she is letting on. I think fear of it and her attraction to it is causing her to misstep.

3. Shouldn't Nathan jump the gun literally and ask Audrey to kill him and maybe they could end the troubles thus saving the town?

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they say that if she kills him now, it would do the opposite thing or something lame like that?

4. Troubles needing to fit their owners makes sense but shouldn't that be for their original owner? I mean if Nathan can't feel (physically) because he couldn't feel (emotionally) how does that work with the troubles being passed from birthright? Are they claiming lack of emotions is a genetic thing?

This is chicken and egg and I actually really like it. The trouble effects the person because of their personality, and the trouble then effects the personality, therefore a personality trait is then passed down through the generations.

5. What happend to James?
This times a million!!!! How is no one talking about this?


I know I'm probably alone here, but I love the William plot line (and not just cause I wuv Colin Ferguson). The idea that someone is made for you, that you can be half of a whole? That someone would do incredibly terrible things in the name of that love. I think it has a lot of potential, and is definitely more interesting to me than the Nathan/Audrey thing which we can get into another time.

The one thing I keep wondering though is if Audrey believes William (which she seems to) why isn't she asking what caused her to change? Why is she not that person anymore? And why is William still?

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For the record, I love Ferguson. He's the main reason why I stuck with Eureaka all the way.

1) For the record, not every person in every family has the trouble, I'm guessing it might have to do with the matching personality thing and of course there's the 28 years gap where Audrey goes to the barn.

It would seem like many people would take those odds to have a kid.

2) Regarding Audrey not thinking straight, this is why I emphasized she wasn't alone either. With Nathan, Gloria, Duke, Jennifer plus the rest of the family including the dad and "Colonel Tai" all being in the loop make it sound so stupid.

Surely someone should have suggested something better.

3) Yeah, they mentioned something when they made those stupid evil crabs (which nobody seems to care about anymore?) which if the dialogue would have mentioned I'd have no problem with it.
But it just seems far fetched that Nathan doesn't even think about it.

4) Regarding troubles and personality, how exactly does a baby have a personality? So is Haven basically tell us that as far as nature vs nurture it's 100% nature?

I wouldn't mind the William plot line as much as how they did it. They brought him out of nowhere (Audrey made a flimsy excuse about him being Howard's replacement with nothing to back it up) and his plan was so far utterly stupid except for this episode.

And yes, I commented in previous episodes how stupid Audrey for not trying to milk William for information. I mean at the very least, shouldn't she ask him what her name is or what her real age is? Or about the barn or any number of things?

Or why if she caused the troubles does she have to go into the barn to cancel them out?
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Thank you!!!! You just said everything I was thinking as I watched the show last night. Yes, I have been wondering what happened to James. I love Haven, but not last night show. It was too jumpy among other things. There are so many things still left unanswered and I am amazed if they answer it all by the last episode. I hope it will be a two-hour finale, but I doubt it.
In last night's episode, William said that it was Audrey who created the troubles, William just tweaked it (I am paraphrasing), so that means Audrey is way more powerful than William. AND where do those black seeds come from? SO MANY QUESTIONS, AND SO LITTLE TIME!
I don't think William is stronger than Audrey, he just wasn't the original one to do it.

In fact, I think they make it clear they are equals - in every sense of the word.
I figured it was Gloria sending the texts.
Wasn't Gloria with Audrey and the baby during the last part?
Which last part?

Besides Gloria probably has a corpse-counting app set up. Because she's just. that. good. :)
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