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"The Black Hand"

And so Audrey's journey to the Dark Side begins. William got what he wanted - he forced our protagonist to give Colonel Tigh Lincoln a trouble. And it didn't go well. Ultimately Audrey had to reactivate the Crocker's family curse (aside from killing the crying baby it was the only way to stop folks from dying). We now know that William and The Original Audrey used to set up complementary troubles - like Jordan couldn't touch anyone and Nathan doesn't feel anything. However, some troubles were so bad that they had to create Crocker's family curse as permanent fix. Gloria was right - Duke actually has a gift.

I expected Audrey would hide the truth about herself from Nathan and Duke till it would be too late. And they would feel betrayed. Fortunately, she came clean to both of them. Ultimately, it was Nathan who gave Audrey green light to do her thing.

When Audrey gave the trouble for the first time we saw the light and some part of the Original Audrey came back. Judging from the preview of the next episode (which will hopefully be only season's final not series') the Original Audrey will fully return. The question is what happens next? Surely Team Audrey will try to send William back through the door to other dimension. What will they do with the Original Audrey? Will they imprison her as well? Or perhaps Nathan's love / sacrifice will bring Audrey Parker back? I'm really angry we have to wait a whole week to find out!

Audrey - she doesn't have a healing ability. It was William who healed her. Also we got a picture of Audrey's version from 1901 - I loved her hat.

Vince - he's connected to the Heart of Haven (which is by the way the big Guard sign as I suspected last week).

Dave - he's adopted. As Duke said that explained a lot. No wonder, Vince and Dave are so different. [Spoiler] Also it looks like Dave will try to kill Vince in next episode.

The Heart of Haven - it requires 4 people to activate (two man and two women) I expect Nathan, Audrey, Duke and Jennifer will have to do the honour.

The Lighthouse - I think no one was surprised that Heart of Haven was located in the basement of the Lighthouse. After all we all knew the Lighthouse was a very important place in Haven - it's the first thing (after the lightning) we see during the opening credits of the series.

I give "When the Bough Breaks" 8,5 out of 10. I really liked it and I can't wait for "The Lighthouse".

What did you think about "When the Bough Breaks"? Did you like it? Share your thoughts!

Also if you didn't see it - I strongly recommend yesterday's Discover Haven Live Stream :)
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