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Friday 10:00 PM on Syfy (Returning "See No Evil" premiering late summer 2014)
You're kind of throwing me off here. - Duke

Well, this one was kind of an improvement on last week. It still feels like the Syfy equivalent of speed-dating as they rush from one revelation to the next. But we had less of Nathan and Duke moping, and Duke seemed to be back on track as the sarcastic everyman.

Dwight was also back from Cleave's Mill. Despite being captured pretty easily...

Characters only do normal around-the-home stuff when it's a trap.

... he managed to notify Nathan of his location and wrap up the whole capture subplot in a matter of minutes. This is the kind of thing that they would have (and did) drag out to half an episode in the past. Remember Audrey sitting in UFO guy's basement in Season 3?

In any case, it turns out that capturing the two nameless guys (someone on the show give them a name!) doesn't resolve anything, because they're not talking and seem to be where they want to be. The Troubles Gang also find William, Audrey's buddy from the Bar(n). He's not very helpful either.

I get most of the dialogue, but am only a co-star. Why?

Oh, right...

The Troubles Gang engages in a round or two of pointless interrogation, which only serve to set up the main plot: anyone who comes contact with the prisoners start having paranoid delusions of their worse nightmares coming to life. Except Duke, who did touch the "Heavy" and wasn't infected. And the four dead townspeople, who seemed to die just to keep up the Per-Week Haven Body Count (tm). But hey! That gave us an excuse to bring Gloria in, so who can complain about that?

Interfere with my video game again and I'll have YOU for lunch.

After a few quips and the revelation that the victims have black spheres on their minds (literally), Gloria moves on. Meanwhile we get more soapy-cam shots of Dwight, Nathan, and Jennifer's worst nightmares. Dwight in particular is kind of scary as he channels his Edge persona and looks like he's about ready to pick up a folding chair and start swinging.

The fantasies also give our principals a little chance to play out. Eric Balfour is particularly creepy.

Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper...

And of course, Audrey has to have sex with someone since Nathan is busy contemplating suicide again this week.

A little something for the Haven/Eureka Slash-ficers

In any case, William and Audrey turn out to be immune to the Trouble of the Week (if that's what it is), and William knew about the box our bad guys were looking for. They escaped pretty easily, and Audrey finds out who is truly responsible for the delusions.

A demented vintner with some Grapes of Wrath? The black mushrooms from tonight's Grimm?

No, William. Apparently he and Audrey go way back to when Audrey was whatever she was that she started out before she became the Trouble-Solver for Haven. Which seems to be something other than human, if William's comment is accurate.

In any case, William made some vague pronouncements, zapped Audrey unconscious, and... left? The episode ended on a kind of anticlimatic note with the bad guys going away and Nathan telling Audrey everything will be all right when clearly it isn't.

So a lot happened this week, and a couple of things got wrapped up like Duke's angst over Wade's death. But the plot didn't really move forward much. The producers seem to be substituting some slowly developing mysteries where we eventually get answers that lead to more questions, with throwing a lot of quickly-solved mysteries that really don't solve anything and just lead to more mysteries. Not a lot of difference, I know, but I kind of prefer the slower pace. It means things like Wade's corruption/death/resolution doesn't get zipped by in three episodes.

So overall, I'd give this a 7. Things moved along, moping was kept to a minimum, there was some good dialogue and nice characterization. But the ending ended on a dud note, which is the problem with fast-paced stuff when you can't come up with a way to wrap it up as quickly as the writer's toss it out.

But that's just my opinion--I could be wrong. What do you think?
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