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Sep 19, 2014
Haven S05E02 "Speak No Evil" Review

"Speak No Evil" was one of the saddest episodes in Haven's history. It started with poor Nathan patiently waiting for Duke to notice that his BFF was shot. Don't you hate when you're BFF immediately starts to talk about his / her problems instead of asking how are you feeling? It's like "I'm sorry I don't care they didn't have these pumps in your size - I'm heartbroken cause my BF dumped me." We've all been there, right?

Suffice to say that Duke and Nathan's meeting at the beach was one ...Read more
Sep 12, 2014
"See No Evil" Haven Review - 9/11/14
"See No Evil" Haven Review - 9/11/14 (possible spoilers)
Sep 12, 2014
Haven S05E01 "See No Evil" Review
"New World"

Hi guys! I'm SO happy Syfy renewed Haven for season 5 and we have opportunity to talk about new episodes. I really missed Audrey, Nathan, Duke & Co - and I'm glad they're back (or at least some of them are). So let's talk about season ...Read more
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Jun 24, 2014
Hey, if you liked him in Haven...
Haven bad guy playing The Strain bad guy
Mar 13, 2014
An FYI - Duke's boat sank
The boat that Duke lives on in sank in real life the other day (Monday or Tuesday I believe). What concerns me in my own head was that, geez, not probably the biggest concern on Duke's mind at the moment what with his girlfriend seemingly dead and his head about to explode or whatever might be about to happen.
Dec 14, 2013
"The Lighthouse" Review - 12/13/13
"My name is Mara and I'm your worst nightmare"

So here is season 4 finale.

Some of you said that Audrey will fake being Mara in order to get William through the door. She did it - at first. However, the moment our protagonist pushed William into the abyss she really became Mara (or she regained her original identity if you like) And as we all suspected she's evil - and probably even worse then William. One thing for sure - she looked great in the flashback.

We suspected that four people are needed to open the door. However, I was 50 % wrong thinking Audrey, Nathan, Jennifer and Duke will do the honour. It turns out the door can only be opened by the people from The Other World. And we found out that these people are: Audrey, William, Jennifer AND DAVE. The two first were obvious. We also knew that ...Read more
Dec 14, 2013
"The Lighthouse" Review - 12/13/13
You, my child, are the only one who can save us.
Dec 07, 2013
"When the Bough Breaks" Review - 12/6/13
"The Black Hand"

And so Audrey's journey to the Dark Side begins. William got what he wanted - he forced our protagonist to give Colonel Tigh Lincoln a trouble. And it didn't go well. Ultimately Audrey had to reactivate the Crocker's family curse (aside from killing the crying baby it was the only way to stop folks from dying). We now know that William and The Original Audrey used to set up complementary troubles - like Jordan couldn't touch anyone and Nathan doesn't feel anything. However, some troubles were so bad that they had to create Crocker's family curse as permanent fix. Gloria was right - Duke actually has a gift.

I expected Audrey would hide the truth about herself from Nathan and Duke till it would be too late. And they would feel betrayed. Fortunately, she came clean to both of them. Ultimately, it was Nathan ...Read more
Dec 07, 2013
"When the Bough Breaks" Review - 12/6/13
I don't trust the Troubles. They are deep and dark and they take the people you love away.

And so we come the penultimate episode. Did this prepare us to wrap everything up, and set the stage for the big blowout next week?

Well, kinda. This episode seemed a bit more settled down, but the season overall has felt kind of... jumpy. The writers jump onto a plot point, play around with it for a bit, then jump over to the next. This week, the book that we found out about just one episode ago is suddenly a critical plot point and there's a hunt for the heart of Haven.

So the Trouble of the Week this week was a baby that killed people with its crying. A Trouble most parents can sympathize with.

The Baby O'Doom!

It did seem odd that the Trouble was random and ...Read more
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This SyFy series is based on Stephen King's novella, "The Colorado Kid," and centers on a small town in Maine called Haven where cursed people try to live normal lives in exile. As their curses start coming back, FBI Agent Audrey Parker is sent in to try and control the forces and try to unravel the mysteries of the town. Audrey Parker, played by Emily Rose grew up as an orphan in Ohio and ended up in Haven, Maine. Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) becomes her partner.