Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 30, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Amazing episode|

    I just love these first episodes. how little did we know of how things woould be ?
  • Apples and sweet corn in April?!?

    I couldn't get past the fact that this episode was clearly shot in spring, either late March or early April, and yet farmers were harvesting apples and sweet corn and all kinds of other out of season crops. Multiple shots showed forsythias and other early spring flowers blooming, there's no pretending this episode takes place in late summer. If any of the producers knew coastal Maine at all they would have shown fiddleheads, spring onions, maybe new potatoes... Don't make local organic food a plot point without doing some research first.
  • It can be so bad?

    Really!? It can be so bad? I have no idea what is going on with me because it can be nothing wrong with the show since it is still running. The story is a complete rubbish! It does not add up or maybe I didn't quite get it (which is less possible). I promised myself to watch it till the end of this season in hope to make it worth something. Sincerely I doubt it is going to change but the hope dies last...
  • Still not meeting expectations

    This season continues to be a bit of a slow burn, and I'm not sure that's going to work out very well for the show or the audience unless things start to pick up the pace. I like the premise, and it's clear that they are building up a status quo that could eventually turn very dark on a dime, but this focus on the "curse of the week" is turning into a curse of its own.

    The spectre of "The Troubles" is still hanging over everyone's head as each new case unfolds, but unlike the second episode, where it seemed to be taking a more prominent place in the story, it's mere window dressing here. The focus was on fleshing out the character of Duke, but even that didn't seem to be in the spotlight enough. And given that Duke's character traits are clearly going to be an important part of the cast chemistry, they needed to drive home his Han Solo-esque nature.

    The central mystery was nice enough, despite how disgusting the rotten food angle was. (Seriously, the exploding cow stomach was a bit much!) But here is where I have an issue with the structure of the show. All of the consequences of the fallout at Second Chances were explored from the perspective of the main and guest characters, even though it was supposed to have affected dozens around the town.

    In other words, unlike "Butterfly", where Reverend Driscoll and his bigotry was reflective of a segment of the community at large, there was no voice for the community itself in this episode. In fact, there are no strong recurring characters that serve as the connective tissue to the general population. Instead, we are left to assume that the masses are represented by the family members and friends that bear the brunt of the sudden emergence of these "curses". And that's not really enough to carry the show.

    What the show needs to do is build a quirky supporting cast that can serve as the expository voice for the community, providing the necessary insight into how these recent events are changing the sentiment of the town as a whole. In other words, it's all about placing these bizarre cases in the context of what it means to Haven. Without that touchstone and perspective, these events happen in relative isolation, and the audience is left wondering why they are supposed to care.
  • 1/10, my first time ever!

    I cannot belive it. For the first time in my life I have seen such a bad episode. This show has had little logic to it, but this episode just sets the world record of zero logic. I wonder if script writers really think we have hay instead of our brains. If food goes bad selectively, if birds and cows die, what do yo do first? You look for a reason like a disease, poison, fangus, etc. You analyse samples, you consult and ask expers for advise. What do our law enforcers do? What questions do they ask? How do all Haven inhabitants react to such extraordinary events? As if it were all ordinary events. OK you need to clean things, pump off you r stomach and wash mouth. but otherwise the inhabitants find the events perfectly normal.

    I could make a mile-long nonsens list for this episode.

    At first I could not believe what I saw in this episode. Obviously the show producers thought I was stupid. Then I started laughing at the ridiculous events. The dialogue between agent Parker and Duke got me asleep and then I woke up in disbelief that I had actually watched the whole of this...

    I am not going to watch this show again. If we all stop watching it, perhaps producers stop believing that they can stuff anything into tv programmes. I feel as if my viewer's rights to see a decent show have just been violated. Let us all protest.
  • Better than the previous episode

    I still don't understand what episode the previous review watched (or what show) but this episode is actually pretty good even when the weird case is sort of soft. I expected something darker and evil.

    The effects were good too and in the case of the cows, very disgusting. The whole 'you look nice' line from Duke to Audrey makes me wonder if Duke will become interested in her even when he doesn't socialize with cops. On the other hand, the dinner scene between Nathan and Audrey was so far nothing but a time for investigation although Duke realized he was not invited at their table, so he had to leave. Still, I like seeing them together.

    I liked Nathan's gift to Audrey and she seemed to enjoy it.

    I wish cases were creepier and hope they soon address Nathan's background and the whole 'troubles' story.
  • I liked it - the slowly building portrait of Duke and Nathan is cool. Decent mystery, too.

    I love this show - Audrey Parker's sweet and lovely and stubborn and pretty (when she has her hair in a ponytail, not when it's loose) and laid-back and approachable and relaxed. Thumbs up on her!

    Nathan continues to be solid, and Duke continues to have more layers.


    The mystery was pretty good, though not the best Haven episode. Felt sorry for the murderer in the end - she really needed better taste in men. And I was glad that the guy who died, died, coz he was a total diva. I liked that the cause of death not being the special-powers.
  • I gave her two more episodes ... but I think I'm going to see another series.

    If I lived in that town, I would have gone after the second episode. The scripts do not rise, and last but not least, show no signs of finding a thread in their episodes.
    Facts like that are told, have already been seen in Smallville. But no comparison. One thing is that Kryptonite meteorite fall, and another ... what happens?
    On the other hand, is a crude copy of X-Files. But at least there were cases in different cities throughout the country.
    As for the characters, is to encourage writers Audrey falls in love with Duke? Because Nathan is the most insipid of the series. Lucas Bryant is doing a good job with his character.
    Anyway, I see no future. Unless a lot better, things happen out of town, or quickly emerge something new about the mother of Audrey, or why these strange things happen in Haven.
    And sorry if the wording is not good. I do not speak English and use the Google Translator.
  • 104

    The commercials running on Syfy keep referring to Haven as "a place unlike anything you have ever seen before." They should be calling it "a show so bad, unlike any other bad show before."

    Okay, that is not fair as beneath all the zaniness and mediocre acting, the show does have a little bit of appeal. It is based off a Stephen King story so you know that the payoff will be good, but this is just not good enough.

    They are coming up with some clever storylines, but like most King works, his short stories are better than his novels. These storylines can only hold my interest for ten minutes, so to cover the other thirty Haven either has some boring dinner scene, something with that sheriff with the bad hair cut or completely unnecessary scenes with the sci-fi stuff.
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