Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Countdown

    A strong episode of Haven here. The Jordan character should not be getting as much run as she has lately, but you can ignore that.
  • 8.0
    Audreys back and Duke and Nathan knows, so it's business as usual. Duke's brother turns evil, which could be interesting, and we have a character death!
  • Who wants to be petrified?

    This was a very good episode and finally gave us our Audrey back again. Now I am wondering when she will lose the nose ring??? The main plot was a trouble that when it affected a person they would see the final 15 minutes of their lives countdown on any clock that was in their view. The person responsible did not know about his trouble which was caused by his desire for a lady friend of his. In the background though we saw more of Nathan and Duke's relationship and they have seemingly become quite good friends with each other. Finally there is more back story to the guard and to Duke's brother, Wade, as well as a very surprising ending involving Wade and Jordan. This episode moved the story arc forward explaining and revealing a few more things in the process.
  • There is a new villain in town! ***SPOILERS***

    Haven did definitely step up its game in "Countdown". Literally time was running fast for the petrified victims. And Nathan and Duke were forced once more to work together. They made a good team and it was nice to see that earlier season's resentments between those two seemed to be resolved. At least for now.

    As some of you have suspected in earlier reviews and comments, Dukes brother Wade - a quite likable but little boring character in the beginning of the new season - went finally over to the dark side, seduced by poor misguided Jordan. Well, it ended not nice for her... Soon we will see, how that storyline works out.

    I was surprised how fast Haven's writers decided to sort out the Lexie/Audrey problem in letting Nathan find out by himself that it is really Parker, who returned from the Bar(n). At least "Lexie" will hopefully have a stage still in deceiving the Guard. Obviously killing Nathan is not an option any more, so there has to be found another solution to end the troubles.

    But there remains one question: Where was Jennifer?? Wasn't she supposed to stay in Haven on Dukes boat? I missed her for sure, she was a nice balance to the former love triangle of Nathan-Audrey-Duke, and I hope she will come back!!