Season 3 Episode 5

Double Jeopardy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

In Haven, the high school cheerleaders stop by the town green. A man, Jason Dooley, comes by and uses a hidden camera to surreptitiously film some up-skirt videos. He then goes home and uploads the video to his computer. Dooley hears someone behind him and starts to turn, but the intruder grabs him and yanks him back.

Duke is in court defending himself against overdue parking tickets. He points out that he was parking on private property and goes into a lecture on ownership, asking the stenographer Lynette if she really owns her sweater. Judge Boone reluctantly concedes the point and releases Duke, but tells him that he has until 10 p.m. to pay his $5,000 liquor license or he'll have to close the Grey Gull. As Duke goes to his truck, he sees an attractive blonde woman in a skimpy white dress leaning on his car. Duke is impressed until he notices that someone has spiked his tired. The woman takes out a knife and scratches his car, and Duke turns to grab a passing Tommy. However, the woman disappears when they're not looking and Tommy walks away, figuring that Duke is imagining things.

Audrey meets Claire and tells her about her dreams of Agent Howard. Since he told her to forget, she's been unable to bring back more memories of herself as Lucy, meeting the Colorado Kid. The psychiatrist suggests that Audrey do a composite sketch ion an attempt to bring out the memories. Audrey agrees but is called to Dooley's apartment. Nathan is there and explains that despite the fact the heavily secured apartment was locked from the inside, someone broke in and used a spoon to remove Dooley's eyes. Audrey thinks that it's the bolt-gun killer, who has been taking body parts as trophies, but Nathan doesn't agree. Laverne the dispatcher calls to tell them that Dooley survived the attack and they go to the hospital.

Dooley tells them that he didn't get a good look at the killer but that it was impossible for anyone to get into his impossible. After they take him into surgery, Nathan points out that the damage wasn't done with the killer's surgical precision. Audrey wishes that the killer would come after her so they'd have a chance to capture him and find out how he knows so much about the Colorado Kid. Nathan tells her that he's identified the Guard tattoo on the killer's arm and that he's trying to infiltrate the group through Jordan. Audrey wonders if he should risk it but Nathan says that he'll do whatever it takes. A tech calls to tell Nathan that they got a single frame of footage from Dooley's security app. He sends it to Nathan and Audrey, and it shows a woman in a white dress attacking the peeping tom.

That night, Duke is forced to shut down the Grey Gull and kick everyone out. He takes the car keys from one drunken man and sends him on his way, and sees the same woman from his truck standing on a hill. As Duke closes the door, the woman suddenly appears right in front of him outside on the porch. Duke turns away but the woman somehow enters the bar and slams him aside. She grabs a scythe from the wall and starts smashing the bar apart while Duke runs out onto the porch and calls the police. As he watches, the drunk comes back and Duke slams him into the wall and orders him to be quiet. When Duke looks back, the woman has disappeared again.

Tommy ends up taking Duke into custody when the assault presses charges of assault. The detective takes great satisfaction in telling Duke that he'll be going before Judge Boone again. Nathan and Audrey arrive and Duke tells them that he apparently has a Troubled stalker. They confirm that she looks like the woman on Dooley's app and tell Duke what happened to the man. When they get a call about another victim, Audrey tells Duke to come with them for protection.

At the hospital, the officers meet with a doctor, who tells them that Megan Berlin was brought in with 22 bone fractures. She apparently fell from a great height, despite the fact that she was in a ground-room floor at Child Protective Services. Megan was brought in because she was accused of abusing her six-month-old child. Duke points out that each attack method has related to a crime that the victim committed. Audrey worries that the vigilante might try to kill Duke next since he killed Hix, and Nathan suggest that they lock Duke up. Audrey invites Duke to stay at her apartment that night so that she can protect him with her immunity to Troubled powers. A smug Duke warns her that he sleeps in the nude. As a disgusted Audrey walks away, Nathan tells Duke that Audrey is just using him as bait.

That night, Audrey prepares for bed while Duke gets out a collection of knives. He hopes to stab the vigilante and use her blood to charge his own Troubled ability, but Audrey points out that he'll have to get close enough to touch her. She then hands Duke some blankets and tells him to make himself comfortable while she goes to bed.

Nathan visits Jordan at the truck stop. When a trucker hits on her, Nathan flashes his badge and the man quickly leave. When Nathan asks why she didn't use her ability on him, Jordan explains that she doesn't like inflicting pain on others. She tells Nathan that the Guard won't trust him without proof. When he asks what he can do, Jordan tells him that a Troubled, Duncan Fromsley, was convicted of killing his son when he set his house on fire for the insurance money. He's dying of cancer and refusing treatment, and Duncan's wife wants to meet him and convince him to take the treatment. The Guard needs Nathan to get Fromsley transferred to a low-security facility. If he does, Jordan promises that she'll take him to the Guard.

Duke finally wakes up Audrey to talk and they discuss Lucy and the Colorado Kid. Audrey wonders if the love she felt for the Colorado Kid as Lucy can be erased, and Duke points out that they've both been fighting their fates and losing. Audrey apologizes, admitting that she asked him to kill Hix, and Duke says that they both have to try and fight their destinies. As Audrey dozes off, Duke admits that he's glad that the Troubles let him meet her. Realizing that she didn't hear him, Duke covers her with a blanket but the vigilante appears and throws him away. As Audrey wakes up, Duke stabs the woman but she doesn't bleed. Audrey shoots at the woman and she shatters into hundreds of pieces of plaster. However, she then appears behind Audrey, throwing her out the porch window, and beats Duke over and over. When Audrey runs back in, she discovers that the vigilante has vanished.

The next day, Audrey meet Nathan at the station and suggests that the vigilante is using the crime blotter of the Herald to choose her victims. Unfortunately, there are dozens of people that have been reported there. She tells Nathan that Duke is working with Dave Teagues to create a sketch of the vigilante so that they can distribute it around town after his hearing. Nathan cuts her off but then apologizes, assuring her that they're okay.

Audrey meets Duke in the courtroom after his hearing. He tells her that Boone dismissed the assault case but is still worried that the vigilante will find out that he secretly murdered a man. Audrey promises not to let the secret out and gives him the sketches. As Duke looks at the sketch, he stares at the mural on the courtroom wall and points out that the image of Lady Justice looks just like the vigilante.

Nathan, Audrey, and Duke turn to the Teagues for help. They confirm that the artist didn't use a model but simply based Lady Justice on what he considered the feminine ideal. When Duke describes how the woman broke into plaster, the Teagues realize that the woman is a golem, not a Troubled person. Troubled persons create a golem to carry out their will, and the brothers warn that there's no way to stop it. Audrey wants to find the Troubled person responsible, and Nathan asks her privately to take point so he can arrange the prison transfer. He reminds her of his promise to do whatever it takes and Audrey says that contacting the Guard won't change anything. However, Nathan tells her that he's doing it to capture the bolt-gun killer, not for her.

As Audrey and Tommy go over the files on the court cases, Duke asks Tommy why he left Boston to come to Haven, but Tommy refuses to answer. Audrey discovers that all three victims had their cases heart by Boone, and they figure that Boone is Troubled and going after people that he couldn't send to jail.

Boone is in court hearing a case about five teenagers that cut the head off the school statue. The school refuses to press charges and Boone reluctantly lets them go. Nathan comes in afterward and asks him to facilitate Fromsley's prison transfer. Boone readily agrees in return for a small bribe, and explains that sometimes he bends the law to uphold it. He calls the warden and arranges the transfer for Nathan. As Nathan gets to the street, Audrey calls and tells him their suspicions. By the time Nathan runs back into the courthouse, it's too late. Boone is impaled on his desk, the scales of justice in his hand. Nathan looks up at the mural and confirms that Lady Justice is no longer there.

As the police secure the scene, Tommy speaks with the coroner and confirms that Boone's neck was broken and the rest was decoration. Nathan figures that the vigilante will go after the five high school kids and decapitates them and sends Tommy to watch them at the green. Nathan tells Audrey about Boone's willingness to take a bribe and they figure that the Troubled person knew about it because they work at the courthouse.

While Tommy watches the kids at the town green, he checks in with Nathan. Nathan is at the diner and calls Jordan as he walks up. Jordan is surprised that he arranged the transfer so fast and then lies, saying that she's not at the diner and that she's home sick. Nathan gets there in time to see her leave and she tells him over the phone that she'll call him later.

At the courthouse, Audrey and Duke examine the court files and discover that they're time-stamped. The Troubled person knew very shortly after Duke was charged with assault, which means that they were very close to Boone's court. Digging deeper, they discover that only one person was at all three hearings.

Nathan follows Jordan to a gas station where the prison guards have stopped for gas. Jordan touches them, immobilizing them with pain, and then lets Fromsley out despite her own mental anguish at hurting others. A man with the Guard pulls up and leaves with Fromsley, and one of the guards tries to shoot Jordan. Nathan, who followed Jordan there, steps out and knocks him out. Jordan stares at him in shock and wonders why he's there, and Nathan says that that he's saving her life and that she should leave.

Duke and Audrey confront the court stenographer, Lynette, and tell her that she's the one responsible for Lady Justice's attacks. She doesn't believe it and accuses Duke of harassing her. He tries to apologize but she doesn't believe him. Realizing that he has to force her to face the truth, Duke tells Lynette that he murdered someone and got away with it. Lady Justice appears, wielding a sword, and Audrey tells Lynette that Duke did what he had to so he could save hundreds of lives. She insists that Duke is a good man and asks Lynette not to kill him. The stenographer talks about all the monsters that she's seen escape justice, and Audrey tells her that killing a man who has saved hundreds isn't justice. Realizing what she's done, Lynette says that she's the one who needs to be punished. She continues despite Audrey's warning and her golem grabs her and throws her into the mural. As Lynette becomes a permanent part of the mural, Lady Justice enters it and takes up her pose once and for all.

That night at the station, Audrey cleans up Duke's record and says that having a clean record is overrated given what happens to her every 27 years. Duke asks if she meant what she said about him being a good man and Audrey assures him that he has his moments. As he goes off to do his back taxes, Nathan comes in and Audrey tells him that she's waiting for the FBI to send her files on other victims that match the bolt-gun killers MO. She wants to use the computer program to create the face of the Colorado Kid rather than go to Dave, and they both agree that the Teagues are too close to the problem. She asks about the prisoner transfer and he assures her that it went okay. As he leaves, Nathan sees a fax come in about Fromsley's escape and throws it away.

Later, Nathan goes to the diner and asks Jordan what he's involved with. He's confirmed that Jordan was lying about Fromsley's cancer but that he did kill his son in a fire. She explains that Fromsley is Troubled and caused the fire during a nightmare. When he was sent to prison, the doctors operated on him, cutting out the sleep nodes of his brain to prevent another such incident. Nathan tells Jordan that if she had told him the truth, she wouldn't have had to hurt the guards or ultimately herself. When he tries to take her hand, Jordan objects but he does it anyway and they kiss for a moment before Nathan turns and leaves.

Claire comes to see Audrey, who is putting together the Colorado Kid's composite without success because she can't remember what she saw in Lucy's memories. The psychiatrist gets her to relax but before they can continue, an e-mail comes in from the FBI. It has a report on another victim who matches the bolt-gun killer's MO. In this case her chin was missing and a shocked Audrey realizes that the killer is taking body parts from his victims to make his own woman.

The bolt-gun killer returns to his lair and continues work on the female body that he is putting together.