Season 3 Episode 5

Double Jeopardy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Excellent episode

    This was the best episode this season so far. The primary plot line was interesting and different. The lady of justice appearing to meter out "fair" justice to the people of Haven was a very unique plot line. Of course she was called from the mural in the courthouse by the troubled court clerk to do this and ultimately the clerk was delivered to a permanent justice as well. While the main plot was moving along we also saw more of the other three plot lines progressing as well. Those were Audrey's fear of disappearing at the upcoming 27 year interval, the bolt-gun killer investigation, and Nathan's attempts to infiltrate the group of troubled people. And then we saw our first glimpse of Nathan getting romantic. This unique aspect of this pair being literally compatible because of each of their troubles was a good story line by the writers. There were interesting twists with all these plot lines and the ending was really eerie with a Frankensteinesque final scene just waiting to come to fruition in future episodes. A really great and scary show last night.
  • Double Jeopardy

    Double Jeopardy was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Haven. I really liked watching because the story was pretty great with lots of suspense, action, drama and intrigue. It was great watching Audrey, Nathan and Duke try to figure out who was doling out vigilante justice. I liked how Nathan helped Jordan and learning what her true intentions were. Audrey makes a shocking discovery of what the killer may be up to. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Who let the DOGS out?

    A great episode but spoiled comprehensively on Syfy UK by the constant intrusion of DOG's on screen. At some points up to a third of the screen was occupied by advertising for Alpha;s then when that went the right hand side of the screen had a DOG for that programme or Face Off or even - Haven !

    I love Haven but if Syfy persist in clogging the screen with ads while I'm trying to enjoy a great programme I'm going to stop watching and buy the box set to avoid this idiocy.

    Does this bother anyone else or is this now how TV is going to be?

    9 for plot and acting but wish I could give minus 10 for the DOG's

  • Double Jeopardy

    An intriguing mystery woman that was untouchable, but the way they revealed her to be, a defender of allegedly wrongfully released, was just a disappointment. Most episodes have that flaw when it comes to Haven, good start, odd finish.