Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2013 on Syfy

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  • haven

    The best TV series I have ever watched
  • Lexie

    After a very good season 3 finale I was very excited to see what season 4 would bring by the fact that I didn't even know that season 4 was already aired before I watched was a great episode,just how it will evolve in the next episodes.
  • Not great

    Not as good as I expected for a season opener, but still a typical Haven episode. Great to see Colin Ferguson (Carter from Eureka) put in an appearance.
  • Good return, but too many lingering questions

    The writers subverted my expectations by moving the story forward by six months, with Duke's time in the barn lasting (subjectively) very little time by comparison. He reappears in Boston, in the aquarium no less, and ends up crossing paths with Jennifer Mason, a young woman with the Trouble of hearing the voices of those within the barn. Which is oddly specific, and also rather surprising, as Jennifer doesn't appear to have ever heard of Haven before, and that doesn't quite add up.

    Dwight is sheriff of Haven now, and while their personal feud came to a head in the previous episode, the Teagues are still working together, too. Oh, and Duke apparently has a brother named Wade (was this revealed previously?), who has taken over the Grey Gull in his six-month absence. All in all, though, Haven hasn't changed that much, beyond a few personnel changes. The Troubles never stopped, so the cycle is broken to that extent, but that's about it. It's such a small adjustment that I found myself a bit disappointed that they didn't shake up the status quo.

    That said, Audrey's new identity as Lexie the Hot Bartender made up for some of the disappointment. She's a lot of fun! One nice touch is that Audrey was fated to cause the death of the man she loves, and during the third season, that was apparently going to be Nathan. With her conversion into Lexie, though, and the introduction of William as a potential love interest, that changes interpretations up a bit. Now the question might be: is Lexie the overriding personality, and if so, will the prophecy relate to the man that she loves? Does the fact that William seems to know who she "really is" factor into that equation? After all, it leads to the heart of the matter: is William referring to her previous incarnation as Audrey, or her original incarnation when the cycle of the Troubles began? (Although I do like the theory that William is the new Agent Howard, trying to lure Audrey/Lexie back to where she
  • The "Fallout" Was Not That Great

    The season 3 ending left us guessing and wondering and counting the days until the new season came around. This episode just left us wondering what the writers were thinking. The barn, something teased as a game changer all Season 3, ended up doing nothing really, as all Audrey needs is a little convincing of her identity and she will be back to normal in a few weeks.

    It's always a fun experience, but this was a massive letdown.
  • Same old Haven dispite the changes

    Haven is back! With a couple of new cool characters and some changes in the female lead... that we still have to wait and see what they really mean. Felt like home for the most part, although Jordan and her friends are a bit heavy whiny in my opinion. I hope the give up the attitude soon.