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Did this show "Jump the Shark"?

Did this show "Jump the Shark"?

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    [1]Dec 22, 2013
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    I liked the show when it first came out and I was expecting it to get better when they announced Colin Ferguson would be added to the cast. I loved Eureka and Colin made that a great show.

    But, I think Haven got pretty bad this season. It seems they got away from what made the show good. Spending 75% of the show on a trouble, giving it depth and how to solve it. And then spending the other 25% of the show on the back story.

    This season seemed to reverse the focus. The back story was too confusing to me, as if the writers didn't even know what direction they wanted to go in. And the troubles had less focus on them. Solving many too easily. Not putting enough into the trouble stories themselves.

    I watched to the end, but I barely made it. If it comes back, I will watch to see if they found their way again or if it's still spiraling out of control.

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    [2]Jan 25, 2014
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    I fully agree with what you said. I have exactly the same feelings. The writers didn't know which way should they go what story should they provide us and the "trouble cases' were so artificial and naive. Apart from that, the first three episodes could be easily cut out and combined with the fourth one which could work as the season opener... I am very disappointed by this season.
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