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    I love both Nathan and Duke. Only Duke has this big family mystery he wants to look into, and I have this hunch that he might dig up something which would put him to a more of a relative's position in terms of Duke-Audrey (Lucy) relationship. While speaking of Nathan, I think that we'll have to wait a while to get any movement in terms of their relationship which is now more than great and ever supportive friendship, but nothing openly romantic right now

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    scyfymum2 wrote:

    I thought it was interesting in the episode "audrey parkers day off" when the ONLY person she couldn't hug was Nathan after every time she had lost someone she cared about she did hug. I just thought that said a lot! Both Nathan and Audrey are scared of how much they feel about each other I think. I do like Duke for some reason I can't explain perhaps it's the bad boy thing but, I think there is more sexual tension between Duke & Audrey. Anyone else agree?

    I agree, but I believe that there is much more sexual tension between Audrey and Nathan, besides even when Duke is a very nice guy I don't see a man who likes to break the law with someone who works in law enforcement. And that scene in the end of episode 10 between Audrey and Nathan was full of tension! They said so much with those looks, that it was just amazing.

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    Oh, I'm team Audrey/Nathan for sure! I think that Duke seems like he's gotten to be a better person around Audrey but I just don't think they click. I love the character of Nathan. That quiet, brooding, kind that is just so fascinating. I think they're good for each other and I think Nathan really has strong feeling for her but not just because he can feel her touch.
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    I don't like Duke that much, never have from the pilot. OK, he has changed a bit but he is still not appealing to me. Nathan and Audrey are what keep me interested in the show and the mystery of course.

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    Despite the majority I am all in for Duke.. Nathan's attitude and character is a type I find very annoying in real life as well: distant, always skeptic and negative, way-too-overly-protective, holding on to grudges for eternity, taking everything and especially himself, way too seriously, never relaxing, never happy, etc. whereas Duke, he has been there, all the time, despite the fact that he is not that kind of person, for Audrey.. he loved her, even though he knew she loved Nathan.. he kept on being on her side, no matter what.. he understood and helped and even tried to get on well with nathan, even when nathan was just too annoying to get on with.. he smiled and laughed and made others laugh often enough, while most of the time what we see on nathan's face is angst.. when they kissed I was so happy.. I know that the script will not take the story to where I would like it to be, but still, in a parallel universe, Audrey is with Duke.. and those who say Duke is not good looking: you do not know what the hell you are talking about..

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