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Official Discussion Thread: Burned (possible spoilers)

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    Please direct all general and specific discussion of the 11/30/12 episode "Burned" to this thread.

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    One of the great sadness's of my is that there are no decent female villains or even anti-heroes,every time a non "freak of the week" woman appears who's into shady dealing they always justify her actions, which is why Lilah Morgan and Scarlett O'hara are my favorite female characters, after Maggie

    My math is a little off is someone can help me out, according to Ms. bad touch(Jordan?) the barn takes her away for 27 years and the hunter comes to take her every 27 years, I'm assuming Hunter brings Barn, which makes no sense because every time she comes back it would be time to go again,unless they alternate between pick up and drop off but she never stays for 27 years

    Maybe this has been mentioned, but when the original doctor died and her daughter took over there was a scene in a "guard"cemetery where the guard symbol just appeared on the back of the daughter's shoulder and now all of a sudden it's a tattoo as opposed to some kind oftroubled birthmark , was this ever addressed

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    Finally, we now know what happens to Lucy every 27 years. However, it is not known why the troubles are gone after Lucy disappears for 27 years. Is that why Duke's dad said that Lucy must die? With her death, the troubles end forever? Which opens up more questions...

    Is the troubles caused by a curse? Magic? How long has the troubles existed?

    How long has Lucy been disappearing every 27 years?

    How come Lucy doesn't age?

    What does the bolt gun killer know?

    Why isn't anyone outside of Lucy/Audrey's circle of friends trying to pool their information together to figure out what is really going on?

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