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Official Discussion Thread: Roots (possible spoilers)

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    Placebo_obecalP wrote:
    Well we watched that episode now and it makes a bit more sense Still kinda feel they just ran out of ideas for the 2nd Audrey so just though "hey let's wipe her memory then she can bugger off with the BF"...

    I didn't want to see Audrey 2 go, I really liked the two of them having fun reminiscing and working to find info on Howard 1, but we got a nice connect back to the Colorado Kid murder with everyone not remembering that day. I really have to go back and rewatch the episode when she talks to photographer. He had a crazy story, not a memory wipe, and I am super curious as to why he is different. I wonder if he was faking and knows about the memory wipe or something else and that's why he's nuts now...
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    anyone notice the xfiles references in the past few episodes?

    Raining frogs?

    Sure, fine, whatever? the famous Scully quote

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