Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • A lot better than the previous episode, but still poor. OK, mediocre.

    This time they managed to keep the episode interesting for maybe 10 minutes. But then, no clues given, all of a sudden Audrey figured out who the main suspect was and what was going on. That was practically it for the episode. Downhill from that point.

    As in previous episodes, little logic to it all. Mistakes like giving Nathan electric shock without paralysing Duke at the same time while Nathan was strangling Duke. Nathan roasts his arm but needs no medical attention. Add to those an insane psychiatrist who is sane enough to understand what was going on and who was going to carry out a brain surgery. Come on. How can we believe it? And finally, mistery solved, but no action taken. I mean Audrey, the FBI agent, does not report the phenomenon to anyone, and the doctor, who is sane again, becomes uninterested in the case and in the opportunity to find a cure for insanity. This is just silly.

    The show has been quite disappointing so far. It will never be anything like X-Files, I'm afraid.
  • Just a little better.

    At least not repeat mistakes of the two previous episodes. But fails to take flight. They have rushed so quickly by committing one of its protagonists. Do not get surprised.
    The good guy in the end it is not so, and the bad which is good ... reminds me of Heroes. The matches as the only way to get clues about her missing mother, do not make it more attractive.
    If that's what keeps it in Haven, then to investigate. What is missing is that they also want to make episodes that carry a parallel plot as in X-Files.
    I give two more episodes of grace. If not, see something else.
  • 103

    The best episode yet, but unfortunately that does not mean much as this show has been nothing but a disappointment as a whole.

    There is just too much insanity, and no logic behind it like with Fringe. Fringe explains the bizarre happenings on their program, Haven just has 30 zombies get stabbed and call it a television show.

    The cast is poor, the dialogue is weak, Haven as a whole just really flops for Syfy. With all the great dramas on cable right now, Haven has not yet achieved even mediocre status in my eyes, and might not ever get there.
  • Filler episode

    I think this episode could've been very good if there had been an explanation or have some kind of paranormal motive to the man's strange ability. I was hoping to hear something weird when the man was telling Audrey all about the boat and his grandfather but it was just lame and simple. One more thing: if the patients could get violent at some point and they didn't know how long the music effect lasted how was he going to survive all alone with three patients overseas?

    Anyway, we can't still judge the show for one episode. First two were very good and all shows have their ups and downs.

    There were more inconsistencies but the last scene kind of saves the episode. Audrey is trusting Nathan and he still wonders why she's in Haven. But they both know what they're after and that is a plot I'm eager to follow.
  • I actually liked this episode; another solid offering.

    This episode had its more humorous moments, curtesy of Nathan and Duke, but also the sadness of a husband desperately trying to save his wife's sanity. I look forward to more, as the episodes are just getting better and better.

    Duke has the possibility of becoming the reluctant hero, and I hope he does. Whilst Nathan has the ability to go a lot darker as this episode showed. I am looking forward to finding out what the 'troubles' are and how they will affect everyone at Haven.

    This is a really good series so far and one I genuinely hope doesn't get cancelled before it reaches it's full potential. Yes, its a slow burn but that's a good thing.
  • Why not record the music?

    Today I am expecting a type of answer and logic. It started with shows like X-files (where the answeres were given by Mulder or Scully in their final reports and thoughts), CSI and like Fringe. They all have their own logic. Haven has not. This episode for example, why not just record the music that makes crazy people be normal and normal people crazy?
    All that happeneds in the little town and there are few cops. They never show the badges, no paper work, she is on vacation but still can run around on official police business. The show does not explain how things happeneds, just that they do. It tries not even to explain why? The woman who control weather, boy with butterflies, or music that makes all crazy.
  • Still not hitting all cylinders

    I mentioned that the second episode of this show was significantly better than the series premiere, and I stand by that assessment. This third episode was a bit closer to the middle between the two, which tells me that this is going to be the kind of show that takes a while to find its legs.

    I will admit that it's not the content itself that is my primary reason for giving the show a chance. It was also the podcast commentary provided for the pilot, in which the creators of the show explained the long-term plans that had to be generated in order to get the license and approval from Stephen King. It's a lot easier to accept a slow start when you know that it's actually going somewhere.

    For me, the biggest problem with this episode was that I didn't really care about whatever was causing the violence and insanity. The eventual explanation was mildly intriguing, but beyond its relative connection to the notion that those with emerging abilities are a menace to society, it didn't seem to mean much in the final equation.

    The biggest problem is that the situation didn't do enough to expose hidden aspects of the characters, which is what this sort of story typically serves to reveal. There was some time given to the Nathan/Duke conflict, but with such a small cast, there wasn't much they could do with the concept. They need to introduce some recurring characters quickly, because right now the show is falling into a self-defeating pattern.

    It was nice, though, to see that the writers linked the effect of this episode's "freak of the week" with a new clue in the mystery surrounding the Colorado Kid picture. And as I mentioned, based on the supposed master plan, I'm going to give this first season a chance.
  • Phenomenon without explanation that makes the whole show a bit weak

    This was the best episode so far but still it is far away from being good. Again - weak acting, interesting story with no explanation and an alternative idea how to handle the phenomenon (why not recording the music in a soundproof studio, and play it to these people with headphones from time to time so no one could hear it?). Strange show and I wonder what good or bad will come out of this.
  • Amazing start

    I just love the starting season of this show. We learn lots about the town and its people. We had no clue how it would develop wich shows the shows strength