Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Still not hitting all cylinders

    I mentioned that the second episode of this show was significantly better than the series premiere, and I stand by that assessment. This third episode was a bit closer to the middle between the two, which tells me that this is going to be the kind of show that takes a while to find its legs.

    I will admit that it's not the content itself that is my primary reason for giving the show a chance. It was also the podcast commentary provided for the pilot, in which the creators of the show explained the long-term plans that had to be generated in order to get the license and approval from Stephen King. It's a lot easier to accept a slow start when you know that it's actually going somewhere.

    For me, the biggest problem with this episode was that I didn't really care about whatever was causing the violence and insanity. The eventual explanation was mildly intriguing, but beyond its relative connection to the notion that those with emerging abilities are a menace to society, it didn't seem to mean much in the final equation.

    The biggest problem is that the situation didn't do enough to expose hidden aspects of the characters, which is what this sort of story typically serves to reveal. There was some time given to the Nathan/Duke conflict, but with such a small cast, there wasn't much they could do with the concept. They need to introduce some recurring characters quickly, because right now the show is falling into a self-defeating pattern.

    It was nice, though, to see that the writers linked the effect of this episode's "freak of the week" with a new clue in the mystery surrounding the Colorado Kid picture. And as I mentioned, based on the supposed master plan, I'm going to give this first season a chance.