Season 3 Episode 11

Last Goodbyes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on Syfy
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As the time of her 27-year disappearance draws near, Audrey wakes up one morning and discovers that everyone else in Haven has gone into a coma... except for one man.

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  • Last Goodbyes

    Another very intriguing, almost movie-like, premise as Audrey and a man, who she briefly believed to be the skinwalker, as did I, had to figure out how to take the town out a comatose state.

    Guest star Nolan North did a good job in the role of Will Brady, being confused, humorous and selfless, at various times throughout the show. Another one of Season 3's strongest episodes.
  • Getting better as the season goes

    Haven season 3 is getting better and better - The beginning was a bit too slow for me and Audrey was sad all the time, giving a grey tone to the whole thing. She's still sad now, but she is expressing more feelings and getting used to the idea that she probably has to leave the only life she knows, and even decided to fight till the end to find a way to escape her destiny. It looks like she will have to either disappear again for 27 years or die at the hands of Crocker so that the troubles never ever come back. We still dont know anything about the Colorado Kid, though. I suppose the key to saving Audrey might come from there. The case of this week was good, only 1 guy and Audrey trying to figure out what happened to all those people in a comma. We could see some scenes from the day before the comma that showed the investigation about the skinwalker, which made it more interesting too. And then at the end we get to know who the skinwalker is - I wont say, but it was pretty obvious from the beginning :) Looking forward to next episode!moreless
  • Last Goodbyes *Spoilers Ahead*

    Last Goodbyes was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Haven. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of intrigue as Audrey discovers a Skin-walker is the Bolt Gun Killer. It was awesome watching her and the others try to figure out who it was. The plot line of the man who woke from his coma was great. I liked how events played out and the ending was suspenseful and awesome! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Who oh who is the skinwalker?

    This was really a good episode. The plot itself was excellent and it took almost the entire show to finally figure out what was causing the troubles. It was interesting to see Audrey and Will figuring out who he was and what had happened to him and then when they figured it out what he had to do to correct the problem. The problem was interesting itself. Along with the main plot we had the subplot concerning the skinwalker and how Audrey was trying to figure out who it was which came out at the very end obviously leading into next weeks season finale. And the primary plot line moved the secondary plot line along with it so it was all tied together. Again, a great episode rapidly moving to this seasons end.moreless
Nolan North

Nolan North

Will Brady

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Sarah Ainsley Harrison

Sarah Ainsley Harrison

Erin Sullivan

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Jeff Kassel

Jeff Kassel


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Richard Donat

Richard Donat

Vince Teagues

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John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth

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Bree Williamson

Bree Williamson

Dr. Claire Callahan

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The passage of time doesn't match up. When they examine Nathan, Will approximates that they have twelve hours to revive everyone. He goes to the Grey Gull with Audrey, they learn who they is, and drive to Will's house. Then he approximates that they have six hours left. It's never taken more than an hour to drive across Haven, much less six hours. So there's at least four hours unaccounted for.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Audrey: Maybe you healed yourself.
      Will: Maybe I did what?
      Audrey: Have you, uh--have you heard of the Troubles?
      Will: Is that a band or something?

    • Will: Let me--let me fill you in. Naptime is not a superpower.
      Audrey: They're not superpowers, they're curses.
      Will: Oh, curses. Why didn't you open with curses? Curses make sense.

    • Will: You have cop face. I sense a theory coming.
      Audrey: Follow me.

    • Audrey: It's Nathan. It's him.
      Claire: Well, I can't wait to hear who else you've kissed. Shall we get Stan in here?

    • Will: So in order for me to wake up, I sent everyone else into a coma instead. And now they're all dying, just like I would have.
      Audrey: They don't call 'em Troubles for nothing.

    • Will: So I figure if I came back here where I supernaturally chose to pull myself out of the coma, I could supernaturally choose to put myself back in... all supernaturally like. That makes sense, right?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Injoke: Nolan North (Will) and Emily Rose (Audrey) played the leads in the three main entries of the videogame series Uncharted. Will's remark that he's a doctor "Indiana Jones style" is a nod to North's character in the games, which is heavily influenced by Steven Spielberg's film series.

    • Injoke: Will's last name, Brady, is a nod to the two main characters, Mary and Charlie Brady in the King-penned movie Sleepwalkers. Will "sleepwalks" in this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      UK: December 11, 2012 on Syfy
      Canada: December 14, 2012 on Showcase