Season 3 Episode 11

Last Goodbyes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Audrey and Nathan summon Duke, Claire, and the Teagues to the factory and show them the skinwalker's lair. They explain how the skinwalker killed Tommy, wore his skin, and impersonated him to get close to them, but they don't know where the killer is now. Audrey points out that as Tommy, the skinwalker made a number of rookie mistakes and believes that it doesn't gain the memories and knowledge of its victim. That allows them to test anyone they suspect and see if they remember what they should. The skinwalker also tried to get close to them, so Audrey figures that it's one of their inner circle: everyone assembled there.

Nathan calls in Dr. Lucassi and Stan to dig up the grounds the factory. They soon turn up a number of bodies: all of the women that the skinwalker killed to use their parts to assemble his woman.

That night, Audrey stops off at the Grey Gull on her way to her apartment above. She calls Nathan and they talk about the case briefly, and then she says that she has some other personal things to discuss. Nathan says that they should do it in person if that's the case and they agree to talk in the morning. Audrey dozes off on her couch but wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to call Nathan. She gets his voice mail and leaves a message that she just wanted to talk and that they'll talk in the morning.

The next morning, Audrey drives to the police station and stops behind a car at a red light. When the car doesn't move, Audrey checks on the driver and discovers that he's unconscious at the wheel. Looking around, Audrey spots everyone that was on the streets, also unconscious. When she goes to the station, she confirms that all of the officers, including Nathan, have suffered from the same mysterious malady.

Audrey and Nathan examine the bodies that Lucassi has dug up. They wonder why the skinwalker is trying to build a custom model and Nathan figures that once they ID all of the victims, they can put together a composite of the missing parts. Audrey laments the waste, pointing out one woman who was stripped of everything except for a single puffin earring. They wonder what the skinwalker will do now that his cover is blown and when Audrey says that she's ready, Nathan corrects her and says that they are ready.

Audrey goes back out on the street and a man missing one shoe comes up behind her. She draws her gun and demands to know who he is, and the newcomer admits that he doesn't remember and his wallet is gone. Audrey confirms that she's a police officer but the man is clearly unimpressed. The last thing he does remember is waking up on the side of the road, seeing Audrey, and following her through town.

Audrey has the man take her to where he woke up and he leads her to a spot near an ambulance. The driver is unconscious and the man's missing shoe is in the back. Audrey figures that the man was being transported to the hospital and was ejected from the elevator when it ran to a halt. She wonders if he healed himself and the man admits that he doesn't know anything about the Troubles, and isn't convinced by Audrey's story. The man wonders why Audrey wasn't affected if he does have the Troubles and Audrey tries to explain about her own ability. He suggests that she's the one responsible and Audrey tells him to come with her to the station.

Audrey meets with Claire first and has her describe how they first met. Claire does make one slip and Audrey reaches for her gun, but the psychiatrist says that she was testing Audrey to make sure she wasn't the skinwalker. Once they're satisfied they are each who they claim, Claire suggests that Audrey slow down a bit. Audrey reminds her that she only has a few days left before she disappears, and Claire speaks from personal experience, telling her that she's lucky to have a chance to say goodbye before she disappears.

When Audrey goes back to the station, she tries to check the 911 log, figuring that someone summoned the ambulance for the man. However, there's a power surge and the server goes down. Audrey suspects the man, who gives a medical description of retrograde amnesia. They realize he might be a doctor and Audrey has him check Nathan. The man examines him and says that Nathan and the others are in degenerative comas rather than asleep. They're suffering from a swelling of the brain stem that will eventually cause suffocation and death. The man warns Audrey that if they're not brought out of it, they'll die within the next twelve hours.

Audrey and the man go back out into the main office and he starts remembering bits and pieces of his life like his favorite wood. When Audrey tries to provoke him, the man remembers a ram and Audrey gets an idea and leads him out.

Audrey and Claire prepare to test Duke by exposing him to Troubled blood, triggering his ability. He asks Audrey if that's what she really wants and she says that they have to have him do something unique that only he could do or know. Duke tells them about how he was in the motel room in Colorado and that when Audrey was feeling unsure of herself, they kissed. Audrey accepts that Duke is who he claims and he starts to leave. When Claire mentions Audrey disappearing into the barn, Duke angrily insists that they're still time to find an alternative. However, Audrey doesn't believe that there is a solution. And even if there were, she doesn't want to use it because her disappearance ends the Troubles for another 27 years.

Audrey and the man go to the Grey Gull and check the wall with photos of the town's sporting teams. There's a photo of the North Haven Rams and the man is on the team. There's a caption on the photo that identifies him as Will Brady and Audrey gets his address from the phonebook.

Claire and Audrey check on Nathan, who describes the first time that he could feel something since his Trouble started when Audrey touched him. She takes his hand as he talks about what it was like and Nathan feels it, but Claire points out that anyone else would feel Audrey's touch as well. When Nathan describes where Audrey kissed him, she's satisfied that they have the real Nathan.

Audrey breaks into Will's home and finds a diplomat confirming that he's an archaeologist, not a doctor. There's no indication that Will has been in the house for a while and Audrey finds a puffin earring on the desk. She realizes that it belongs to the dead woman at the factory, draws her gun, and accuses Will of being the skinwalker. Will insists that he doesn't remember if he is but when Audrey throws him the earring, he catches it and remembers that it belonged to his friend, Erin. Audrey figures that he remembers the woman because he killed her and prepares to take Will to the station. However, Will insists that if he is the skinwalker, he doesn't remember it. Audrey needs him to find a cure in the remaining six hours or everyone will die. Audrey reluctantly agrees and decides to take him to the factory to show him the skinwalker's grisly work.

Audrey and Claire talk to the Teagues, who insist that neither one of them is the skinwalker because the other one would know. Audrey asks them what the skinwalker questioned them about when he abducted them and the Teagues insist that he only asked about the Colorado Kid. When they avoid giving her a direct answer, Audrey figures they're real because the Teagues never give hr direct answers.

At the factory, Audrey shows Will the women's corpse and he recognizes the woman with the earring as Erin Sullivan. He describes how they were going to a c movie and were jumped when they were walking home. The skinwalker hit Will over the head and, dazed, he could only watch as the skinwalker told Erin "hush" and then killed her with the bolt gun. Will doesn't remember anything after that until he woke up that morning and saw Audrey. When Audrey proves skeptical, Will says that he loved Erin but never told her. He spent all of his time waiting for the right moment and never found it. Audrey says that she understands and then realizes that the movie they saw aired two months ago. She wonders where Will has been all that time and realizes that the ambulance was taking Will away from the hospital, not to it.

Hoping to find answers, Will and Audrey go to Haven's hospital. She stops to inspect a man and woman and confirms that they're getting worse, and Will recognizes them as his brother Greg and sister Whitney. They look around and find an empty room with Will's chart on the bed. According to the chart, Will has been in a coma since the attack two months ago. If he were unplugged from the respirator, swelling would put pressure on his brain stem and kill him: the same thing that is killing everyone in town. Will realizes that his relatives made the decision to let him die and took him off the machine. They put his lucky shirt on, finished dressing him, and sent him home to die. Audrey figures that the trauma of being unplugged activated Will's Trouble and he put everyone else into a coma to bring himself back to life. Will says that they have to find a way to reverse the process but Audrey warns that if they do then Will could slip back into his coma.

Audrey and Will go back out into the hall. As Audrey tries to work out a way to save everyone, Will talks about how his lucky shirt drove Whitney crazy. However, Greg put it on him because it was his lucky pickup shirt and he thought it would help Will tell his true feelings to Erin. Audrey tells Will to focus and he realizes that he has no choice but to go back into a coma.

Will and Audrey go back to the ambulance since Will figures he has to undo his resurrection at the same place where he came back to life. He gives Audrey the earring, lies on the stretcher, and says goodbye to her. Will figures that he won't see his family again but that he has to do it before everyone dies. He does wish he had a few more hours, and when Audrey suggest a few days, Will says he would fight his condition if he had that much time. Once he goes into a coma, everyone in town wakes up, including the ambulance driver. Audrey tells him that Haven had another gas leak and to drive to the hospital.

Once Will is back at the hospital, Audrey has the staff put Will back on life support. When Greg and Whitney come in, they're angry that Audrey has apparently kept Will alive and forced them to decide again. Audrey tells them that Will can hear everything, even in the coma, and knows what they're saying. They don't believe her until she tells them what Will told her about the lucky shirt. Audrey tells them that they can't give up on him. As she goes, Audrey takes Will's hand and tells him that she'll see him around.

Nathan is outside in the hallway and confirms that Audrey is doing okay. She says that it's been a long day and hopes to have a few more. After telling him that she's ID'd Erin, Audrey apologizes for pushing him away. Nathan takes her hand and says that he'll be there for her and that they will find a way to keep her disappearing.

That night, Audrey asks Claire to come over so they can go over their interrogation notes. Claire suggests that Audrey should talk about her impending disappearance, but Audrey plans to avoid it by capturing the skinwalker and finding out what he knows about the bar. Satisfied, Claire reads the notes and mentions that the Teagues told the skinwalker about the barn and the Colorado Kid. Audrey realizes that they never talked about the barn. When she starts to talk about it, Claire says "hush" just like Will described the skinwalker. The skinwalker realizes that she's given herself away and draws a gun on Audrey.

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