Season 4 Episode 7

Lay Me Down

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Lay Me Down

    I like the Jennifer character, but I still feel as if this show needs some direction and fast. What is the point of this season going to be?
  • Echoes of Dexter

    Pretty ironic how someone who played Dexters brother (Ice Truck Killer) chose to use a fishing boat dump the bodies in the sea just like Dexter!
  • What is worse than the troubles.


    This was a great episode. It led us to the knowledge that there exists out in their universe something more than the troubles. It deepens the mythology of the show. Those were the guys that were in the barn, and yet now they are out and causing havoc in the background. Why? For whom are they working? To what end?

    This means there are people or things out there that are familiar with the troubles but also familiar with the Barn. Jennifer is a great intermediary of this. She could hear inside the barn. But the guys could go inside the barn. So she is somehow related to this. Though I think that she is ignorant of it, she has some type of connection to whatever this new thing is. Likely it is going to reside in who her parents were/are. They are weaving this all in rather well. I like it. Plus Jennifer in glasses equal yummy.

    Wade is gone, bye Wade. It was an interesting run, I am not sure why it existed other than to strip Duke of his power. Which is interesting in it's own right. I just kind of wish that they would have gone a bit further with it. Even if they did have that serial killer last season, this I think would have been interesting to furhte the animosity for the central three.

    Lexie/Audrey and Nathan getting together was pretty gratifying.

    This show always gets a 10 from me

  • Dream safely!

    Good God! a trouble whereby all that happen to you in your dream happens in real it might be the worst trouble yet!.

    The case was pretty much standard, people dream, get killed/shot/beat up etc in their dream,they die IRL or wake up with the usual, Audrey and Nathan "fix them interesting is that the lady with the dream trouble was pretty sure it just happen to her ever since Audrey/ came back, it has been said things are changing. And indeed they are. We got glimpse of 2 men that cause s the dream trouble to spread beyond the dream lady family and are spying on Audrey and Nathan.

    Speaking of Nathan and Audrey, after an erotic dream , Nathan finally told Audrey what he should have said seasons ago. That scene!.

    I am so glad the Wade story is over-ish!. Duke figured out his brother has been killing troubled people. Tried to help out, but the guy was far had to kill him and now seems like the family trouble is .
  • Dream Girls - There is more to come... ***SPOILERS***

    It seems that Haven has several irons in the fire right now - and other doors got closed at the same time once and for all... of which more later.

    Jennifer is back for good! That is great, cause she is bright and cheerful and Haven needs some fresh faces, who lighten up the vibe. The Haven Herald needs that as well and what would be a better place for Jenny to start her new life? Right, as a journalist! Clever move, Haven, to make sure that she gets involved in all the trouble-stories (now that her own troubles are somewhat vague, so to say non-existent). But there is more to her than meets the eye: Vince and Dave came up with a connection to Agent Howard, who apparently arranged for Jenny's adoption. Where shall we end up with this story arc? It remains exciting...

    Some old acquaintances from the Bar(n) had an appearance in this episode, too: Funny creepy guy with his huge thug friend popped up in this weeks' trouble, a dream curse. Nightmares came true in a bad way... Remember those dreams with all your teeth falling out? Jeix... gross!! Nathan on the other hand was good for some eye-candy, dreaming a kinda erotic version of the flunked test, including Audrey as a sexy teacher and some old-school punishment.... Entertaining, indeed!

    Lifting the curse was plain vanilla: Troubled Carrie had to confront the fears in her bad dream, meaning to fight back the dynamic duo from the Bar(n). Easy-peasy... But what's the deal with the glowing handprint on Carrie's back that only Audrey was able to see? Mutating troubles? There might be a whole new dimension to it, hopefully!

    Closed doors? I am relieved to announce that this annoying story line was cut short successfully. Murderous Wade (leaving bodies behind in a cold and wet grave) was caught in the act by Duke and brought down in self-defense. Some of you guys were speculating just right: The Crocker curse is now broken!

    Regarding Audrey and Nate: Love is in the air... And next weeks' teaser revealed some shocking future events - be prepared!